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Abhijeet Sawant on journey post Indian Idol win: ‘Didn’t even know how to sign cheques’

Singer Abhijit Savant is in a double festive mood as he celebrates his birthday today on the first day of Navaratri. Keeping simple and individual, he took his family on a journey.

Indian Idol Season 1 winner Savant shared that the love he gets from fans even now is overwhelming. In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.comThe singer shared that he sometimes wonders how people love him so much after performing for more than 15 years.

“I am truly amazed and touched. I like to go out and buy groceries. I remember when we were told to wear masks last year, I was happy. However, fans still recognized me on the way. It’s nice that they still love you so much, ”he shared.

Abhijit Savant added that the way his journey has shaped makes him resilient and humble. He said: “Today, young people have examples of so many mud-to-wealth stories, but in our time everything was so new. I remember I didn’t even know how to sign a check, and when the big ones started coming in, I didn’t even know how to count the zeros on it. I think that whatever I learn is because of my journey. “

The Indian Idol winner said he felt he would be bombarded with offers, but in reality things went wrong. He said, “I think this is a farce from the outside. You don’t have to have a lot of offers. Even the public would wonder what I am doing. Films are private property, and who is associated with them depends on the people who make them. It is also a fierce competition in which even big names must fight to survive. So it’s always a tricky business. “

Abhijit also shared his opinion that while the winners take home the trophy, they also carry the weight of the title that can sometimes go against them. He believes that rival channels may be uncomfortable approaching him given that he carries the label ‘Indian Idol’ and ‘Sony TV ‘on the way.

Ask him how he dealt with the low stages of life, and the birthday boy smiled and said, “I was lucky that my show was so popular that it made me a household name. Besides Bollywood, I’ve always wanted to do something in the pop music field. It was important to me and I am glad that after the victory I received two of my biggest albums. People keep running after replay, but I chose my own path and it clearly worked for me. “

The singer, who turns 40 today, added that Bollywood remains an unfulfilled dream, but he is pleased with the way his career has developed. He also said that last year taught him a lot, and most importantly, to be happy. “I will always be ambitious and hungry for more. But, to be honest, all these years I have worked for money to secure my life and future. Now my perception has changed and I want to focus on my life and music. I can walk in small steps and drive slowly, but I try my best. I just want happiness for myself and my family, ”he shared.

In conclusion, we note that representatives of singing reality shows stated that the format has undergone huge changes over the years, and this is also due to changes in technology. Abhijit Savant said: “When we started, it was all about talents, as there was not much calculation. Over the years, it was deciphered, and now it has turned into an entertainment show. Having said that, I believe this is a very important platform for aspiring musicians. I just want us to see more creativity in these shows. Everything goes in a circle, and the same techniques are used everywhere. I think it’s time for us to change the rules and put music ahead of everything. “

Happy Birthday Abhijit Savant!



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