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Afghan girls return to schools in 3 provinces – Times of India

KABUL: For the first time since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, female students have returned to schools in Kunduz, Balkh and Sari Pul provinces, according to a media report.

Jalil Sayed Healy, head of the Balkh Provincial Department of Education, said all girls’ schools had opened, TOLO News reported.


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“We have separated the girl students from the boys,” he said. The girls in Balkh were happy that they were allowed to return to school. Sultan Razia, a student from the capital of Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif, where there are over 4,600 students and 162 teachers, said: “Initially there were several students, but their number is growing and the lessons are good.”

Another school student, Tabasom, said: “Education is our right, we want to improve our country, and no one can and should not take away our right to education.”

According to statistics from the Balkh Education Department, there are more than 600 schools in the region with about 50,000 students.

Last month, the Taliban-appointed Ministry of Education announced that only boys’ schools would reopen and only male teachers could resume work.

However, the ministry does not say anything about women teachers or girls returning to school.

According to the Ministry of Education, there are currently 14,098 schools in Afghanistan, of which 4,932 are schools with students in grades 10-12, 3781 – from grades 7-9 and 5,385 – from grades 1-6.

According to statistics, out of the total number of schools, 28% are in grades 10-12, 15.5% in grades 7-9 and 13.5% in grades 1-6 are girls’ schools.

Said Khosti, a member of the Culture Commission of the Ministry of Culture and Information, said: “There are technical problems. There are problems that need to be addressed fundamentally, and a policy and framework needs to be developed. Within this framework, he must determine how our girls should continue their lessons. When these problems are solved, all girls will be able to go to school. ”

The female students said that while the Taliban have repeatedly stated that the situation has changed, their recent decision is disappointing and makes girls and young women fearful of further loss of rights.



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