Agnipath Protest Live: Air Force issues notification for recruitment; service chiefs meet PM


Workers from the National Union of Students of India (NSUI) hold a march to protest Agnipath’s short-term military recruitment scheme in Bikaner on Tuesday. (Photo by PTI)

Agnipath soldier recruitment scheme – what is it, how will it work?

The new scheme would recruit between 45,000 and 50,000 soldiers annually, with most of them leaving the service after just four years. Of the total annual recruits, only 25 percent will be allowed to continue for another 15 years on a permanent commission. The move would make the standing force much smaller for the more than 13,000 armed forces in the country.

This, in turn, will significantly reduce the cost of defense pensions, which have been a major concern for governments for many years.

The new system is intended only for personnel below the officer rank (those who do not enter the troops as officers).

Under the Agnipath program, applicants between the ages of 17.5 and 21 are eligible to apply. Recruitment standards will remain the same, recruitment will be carried out twice a year through rallies.

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