Amitabh Bachchan sends legal notice to pan masala brand as ads continue to air despite contract termination


Actor Amitabh Bachchan issued an official notice to the brand pan masala, which continued to broadcast TV commercials with him despite the termination of the contract. He announced his withdrawal from the Kamla Pasand campaign in October after the national anti-tobacco organization asked him to refrain from endorsing the pan masala brand to help prevent youth addiction to tobacco. Bachchan was also recruited to participate in a social media campaign.

“It was learned from Mr. Bachchan’s office that a Legal Notice was sent to Kamala Pasand demanding to immediately stop broadcasting TV commercials with Mr. Bachchan .. as it was observed that despite terminating the Approval Agreement, Kamala Pasand ignored the same will continue on the air of TV commercials, ”a source close to the actor confirmed.

Bachchan announced his abandonment of the ad campaign on his 79th birthday, stating that he did not know she was hit by a surrogate ad. Surrogate advertising is defined as a form of advertising that is used to promote prohibited products such as cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol under the guise of another product.

A statement from the actor’s office at the time said, “Kamala Pasand … a few days after the ad ran, Mr. Bachchan contacted the brand and left last week. After checking the reason for this sudden move, it turned out that when Mr. Bachchan became associated with the brand, he did not know that he was falling under surrogate advertising. Mr. Bachchan terminated the contract with the brand, wrote to them about his termination and returned the money received for the promotion. “

A few days before the statement, the actor also responded to a person on social media who questioned his move. Then he defended his position, calling it part of the entertainment business, which creates jobs for many.

A commercial was released in mid-September and mentioned Kamla Pasand as “silver-plated elaichi”. An ad that also Ranveer Singh, was almost immediately triggered by social media and anti-smoking organizations.


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