Antim: The Final Truth: Aayush Sharma reveals how his kids reacted to his romantic song | EXCLUSIVE


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Anti: The Final Truth: Aayush Sharma shares how his children reacted to his romantic song


  • The Hone Laga track shows the love story of Mahima and Aayush Sharma.
  • Hone Lagu was performed by Jubin Nautiyal.
  • Director Mahesh V Manjrekar shows Salman Khan as a police officer and Ayush Sharma as a gangster.

Mahesh Manjrekar’s directorial production of Anti: The Final Truth has been in the headlines from the start. From the trailer to the movie poster, fans are going crazy and can’t wait to see the Bollywood actors. Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma share the screen space. Aayush Sharma recently had a special talk with India TV in which he talked about this film. During a frank conversation, Ayush told how his son Akhil Sharma and daughter Ayat reacted when they saw the romantic song depicted on him in the film.

Ayush shared that after watching Antim, his five-year-old son Achil asked him why he was fighting Salman Khan. He also shared that after seeing the violence, he closed his eyes and later went to practice punching. Achilles felt uncomfortable seeing him perform an intimate song in the film and told him that his mother (Arpita) had asked her not to watch such things like that. And his daughter Ayat really enjoyed watching him.

Ayush went on to talk about brother-in-law Salman Khan and said that he is the most humble person, even as a Bollywood superstar, he takes everyone’s point of view into account when making a film. He said that Salman was always by his side, and for Aayush he is like an older brother.

Watch the interview here:

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Salman Khan Films is producing “Anti” by Salma Khan. Pragya Jaiswal and Mahima Makvana are also starring. The film will be released in theaters around the world at Zee Studios on November 26.


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