AR Rahman says working on Rajinikanth movies back in the day was ‘hell’


Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman recalled how he composed music for Rajinikanth films in due time, and remembered that this was not always the most enjoyable experience. In a new interview with YouTube channel Our Stupid Reactions, Rahman said he was working on This movies was hell with tight deadlines and tremendous pressure.

Rahman admitted that, like any other artist, he also has creative difficulties, but said that the bigger issue is pressure. “At least it’s better now, but we used to start in March when I used to do Rajinikanth films … This film will have to be released for Diwali, they say. And then I need to write songs, I need to do the background, and the electricity in my house was very cool. We used to have two generators. It was hell. “

He said that he would always have to prioritize films about Rajinikanth, which would annoy other directors he worked with because Rahman worked on several projects at the same time. He added: “I used to be in three films, so other directors said,“ My work also goes to Diwali, AR ”. It was hell. I hated all these festivals because they gave me hell, whether it was Diwali, New Years or Pongal, because I never really enjoyed myself. Now there is much more leisure time. “

Rahman has written music for several Rajinican films such as Muthu, Sivaji: The Boss, Enthiran and most recently 2.0. At the presentation of the trailer for the film in 2018, Rahman said: “The superstar is my favorite character. This is because of the consistency in his career. I am inspired by his lifestyle. I am also attracted by his spirituality. “

Rahman has won six National Film Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA, Golden Globe Awards, fifteen Filmfare Awards and seventeen Filmfare South Awards.


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