Ashok Gehlot meets Priyanka Gandhi, Ajay Maken over possible cabinet reshuffle in Rajasthan soon


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Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot.

Sources said Rajasthan’s chief minister Ashok Gelot met with senior congressional leaders on Wednesday about the possible expansion of his cabinet and the placement of all sections of the party, including from the Sachin pilot camp.

Major reshuffles are outlined in Rajasthan over the next few days, and various ways of adopting the one-man-one-post formula are being developed when considering cabinet appointments, they said.

Gelot met with the Secretary General of the All India Committee of the Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra at the residence of Rahula Gandhi, where the general secretaries of the party Ajay Maken and K.S. Venugopal, they added.

According to sources, the discussion lasted about three hours. However, they said that Rahul Gandhi was not present.

After the meeting, Maken told reporters: “We discussed the political situation in Rajasthan. We discussed a roadmap to ensure that Congress returns to power in the next congregation elections. “

“We also discussed good Congressional results in the recently concluded by-elections for the state assembly,” he added.

Maken, who is the general secretary for party affairs in Rajasthan, said there are a number of issues that need to be discussed with the chief minister and the roadmap is now clear.

The expansion of the cabinet in Rajasthan is belated, as many in the rival Gelot camp are seeking cabinet housing.

Recently, former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Pilot also met with Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to discuss his future as well as the placement of some of his supporters in the Rajasthan government.

Congress managed to rescue the state government in Rajasthan after Pilot rebelled against Gelot last year over a disagreement.

He was later removed from his post as deputy chief minister and replaced as head of the Govind State Congress by Singh Dotashra.

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