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AUD first cut-off list out, demands above 97% for popular courses 

Delhi Ambedkar University (AU) released its first closed list on Tuesday. Unlike the University of Delhi, where several colleges required 100% for courses like economics (Hons) and political science, AU set the highest limit at 99.50% for undergraduate (Hons) psychology. This is intended for candidates from outside the capital city of the country. For Delhi students, the threshold is 98.75%.

This year, more than 21 thousand candidates applied for admission to the university. This state university is run by the Delhi government and reserves 85% of candidate seats for local students. He announces separate restrictions for Delhi students and those outside the city.

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Among popular courses, the minimum scores required for admission to a BA (Hons) in English is 97.50% for applicants residing in Delhi and beyond. This is a slight increase from 96.25% last year for candidates from Delhi and 96.75% for applicants outside the city.

On the history of the Bachelor of Arts (Hons), the threshold for applicants from Delhi is 96.75%. For those based outside the national capital, it stands at 98.50 percent, significantly higher than last year’s 97 percent.

The minimum scores required for admission to the Bachelor of Mathematics (Hons) degree is 94.25 percent for applicants from Delhi, significantly higher than last year’s 93 percent. For students abroad, the threshold is 95.25%.

The university provides applicants with pre-admission based on applications received during the registration process, provided they meet the thresholds.



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