Being a Conservative by-election candidate must be the worst job in the world


Who in their right mind would want to be Boris Johnson’s next ethics advisor? Matt Hancock perhaps? Owen Paterson? Prince Andrew needs a role.

For that matter, who would like to be the Conservatives in this Thursday by-election Wakefield And in Tiverton and Honiton? If Nadeem Ahmed and Helen Herford somehow manage to win and keep those seats for their party, they won’t win recognition. But there’s a good chance they’ll lose them – even in Tiverton, where Harford defends a Conservative majority of 24,000 – and their political careers will end before they even begin.

Who remembers the hapless Neil Shastri-Hearst, who last December saw the 23,000 Tory majority turn into a 6,000 Liberal Democrat majority in North Shropshire? Or Peter Fleet, who saw a majority of 16,000 Conservatives in Chesham and Amersham a year ago this week become a majority of 8,000 Liberal Democrats?

An even bigger issue is, what possible platform could Herford and Ahmed be campaigning on? With what achievements, with what plausible promises, can they win over voters? And how can they protect the defenseless? asked about Boris Johnson morale during a crowd in Tiverton last week, Herford spoke about the government’s Covid layoff scheme, his vaccination program and the war in Ukraine. She was bullied and booed an audience preoccupied with much more pressing and pressing issues.

Herford and Ahmed cannot boast of government management of the economy. not when the economy collapses. Not when inflation is at 9 percent and continues to rise. Not when highest tax burden after World War II, and living standards are falling at the fastest rate since the 1950s. Not when a recession is looming, when filling up a car with gas costs £100 and millions may soon be faced with a choice between heating and eating.

Herford and Ahmed can’t call on their party leader – not when Johnson is so hated they’ve taken his picture off their campaign flyers and he can’t be on the streets of Tiverton or Wakefield (apparently he felt like he was in Ukraine last Friday). more security). Not when three-quarters of the country thinks he’s a liar, two-fifths of his own MPs want him to leave, but polls of party members ConservativeHome the website reveals that he is by far the most unpopular member of his government.

The two candidates can no longer portray the scandal-ridden Conservatives as the party of law, order and moral integrity — not when Johnson became the first prime minister to be fined for violating the law while in office and the police issued a fixed fine. 82 notices to their staff and colleagues for partying at #10 during the Covid lockdown. Not when he regularly violates domestic and international laws. Not when his egregious behavior forced two of his ethics advisers (Alex Allan and Lord Geidt), his chief of policy (Munira Mirza), head of the government’s legal department (Jonathan Jones), senior government officer in Scotland (Lord Keane), his anti-corruption czar (John Penrose), his anti-fraud minister (Lord Agnew) and the justice minister (Lord Wolfson) file resign. And not when this week’s by-election was triggered by the conviction of the previous Conservative MP Wakefield for sexually abusing a 15-year-old child and the resignation of the previous Conservative MP Tiverton for watching cell phone porn in the courtroom. communities.

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They can’t talk about the managerial competence of the government—not when public services are failing despite skyrocketing taxes. Not when the country is facing the biggest railroad strike in 30 years, and doctors, nurses, teachers and National Health Service officials might follow suit. Not when in some parts of the country it has become almost impossible to get a GP appointment or call an ambulance, and in hospital emergency rooms you have to wait ten hours. Not when travel has turned into a nightmare, when flights are canceled in bulk, luggage is piled high, and hours long at passport control. This is if you can get your passport at the passport office in the first place. Or a driver’s license from the Driver’s License and Vehicle Agency, which is also not suitable for this purpose.

They can’t speak to conservative voters, not when Johnson and his henchmen seek to destroy the country’s most respected institutions, risk the collapse of the Union, “fuck” business, tear apart the “good guy” theory of government. and are at odds with the Anglican Church and the Prince of Wales.

They can’t even talk about keeping promises – not when Brexit is so obviously unfinished and its promised benefits are nowhere to be seen. Not when “Leveling Up” has become a national joke and “Global Britain” an international one. Not when the government has so blatantly failed to build more homes and hospitals, stop illegal immigration, clean up Britain’s rivers, provide all homes with super-fast broadband, and more.

But it’s not the government’s fault, argue Herford and Ahmed. This is due to the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, they say. And to some extent they are right. But they should explain why, by almost any measure, things are much worse in Britain than in almost any other developed country. Why is it predicted the lowest growth rate (zero) of any developed country other than Russia in the next year. And why has the (wrong) Johnson administration still not come up with some coherent plan, some plausible strategy to deal with the economic crisis the country is facing.

Floating and floundering, striving only for survival and completely disregarding the national good, it instead tries to distract us with populist tricks – the restoration of imperial measures, the return of gymnasiums, the reduction of civil service – and divide us with wedges.

Thus, he does nothing to prevent the railroad strike, which he shamelessly portrays as a “workers’ strike.” As such, he seeks to deport some of the world’s most desperate and vulnerable people to one of Africa’s most abhorrent regimes so that he can attack left-wing lawyers, the judiciary and the European Court of Human Rights. Thus it is threatens to break the Northern Ireland Protocolwhich it has agreed, welcomed and ratified to secure a Brexit deal so it can launch a new battle with Brussels – even at the risk of a trade war with the EU, damaging Europe’s united front against Russian aggression and angering the US.

Herford did look embarrassed during the last week’s hunt. AT separate interviewwhen she was invited to do so, she just couldn’t bring herself to call Johnson honest. Despite these hints of a rudimentary conscience, I have no sympathy for her or for Ahmed, no matter how offensive their positions may be. I simply cannot understand how any decent, honest person can defend or attempt to support in parliament the most divisive, destructive and degenerate government and prime minister in living memory.

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