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Bigg Boss 15 contestant Miesha Iyer: I will always take Salman Khan as our guiding light

This sense of suspense and haste makes Misha Iyer sign one reality show after another. After the actor left his mark on shows like Splitsvilla and Ace of Space, the actor now turns his attention to Bigg Boss 15. Before entering the show, Misha said that the fame and fame that comes with these shows forced her to participate in another show. …

“There is so much excitement here that you don’t know what will happen next. Plus, no two reality shows are exactly the same, so you really can’t foresee what’s coming next. Even with Ace of Space, two or three people were locked in the room. Bigg Boss with so many captives in the house is a completely different ball game. I think that none of my experiences will be an advantage, since we will be on the same level, ”she shared.

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Many people know that Pratik and Miesha met at Ace of Space. After the first few quarrels, they became good friends. When asked if she planned to continue the friendship on Bigg Boss, she quickly replied, “We were friends even when we left the show, however, we soon got busy with our lives. We were in touch, but we never spoke to each other about being on the show together. I think I would like our connection to be organically manifested on television. “

As a fashionista, Misha Iyer has packed many suitcases, but fears that the jungle will not let her put on her clothes. “Once I’m at the main house, you can see my great game,” she said, adding that she will survive in the difficult jungle given that she is from a middle-class family and used to living without any luxury.

Claiming that she has evolved over the years, the model promises fans to bring her new side to the show, which she calls “Miesha 2.0”. She also had an interesting look at the host. Salman Khan

“I know most people are afraid of him, but I don’t think he’s here to humiliate us. As in schools, we had teachers and principals, Salman also guided us and assessed our performance at home. For fear of being wrong or hurt by it, I don’t want to stop myself from being myself. I will always take it as our guiding light, ”she shared.

Misha Iyer went on to share that she would be real on the show and would also add a lot of fun. And when asked to choose her favorite member over the years, she said, “I didn’t watch the show much, but I really liked Gauahar Khan. She really was the boss. Even Rubina was very strong. It’s all about feminine strength. “

Bigg Boss 15 broadcasted on flowers.



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