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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan lashes out at Pratik Sehajpal, says ‘You’re looking like a fool’

The long awaited first weekend of Ka Vaar Bigg Boss 15 finally here. The episode, which will air on Saturday night, is already causing a wave of fans as Colors released a promo that features an angry Salman Khan

Yes, you can see the superstar crashing down on member Pratik Sehajpal, who was the newsmaker at Bigg Boss’s house all week. The pratik found himself embroiled in several fights with other housemates, including one where, during a mission, he tried to open the valve in the bathroom while Vidhi Pandya’s rival was inside.

While Pratik apologized to Vidhi for his act, the rest of the housemates raised their voices against him, which led to a war of words between them, and when someone asked Pratik if he did the same, given that his mother or the sister was in the bathroom, the actor replied, “Yes.”

This issue will be brought up during an episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, the promo says. Salman Khan can be seen blaming Pratik Sehajpal for his behavior, telling him: “Pratik, you look like a fool. If someone says that even if my mother or sister were in the toilet, and I would still do it for the game, then the game is higher than the mother and sister? If Vidhi wanted to, she would beat you. “

The actor even continued to threaten Pratik, hinting that he would not tolerate it if it was his sister instead of Vidhi.

Aside from swearing from housemates that have now become commonplace for Salman every season of Bigg Boss, the superstar will be seen welcoming internet sensation Sri Lankan singer Yohani, whose song “MagaHithe” went viral on Instagram. Yohani will not only perform the track, but also teach Salman the lyrics.

Another special guest will be Bigg Boss 14 finalist Rakhi Savant, who has been one of the most exciting entrants over the seasons. Rakhi will be seen interacting with Salman and the participants, and will also make some of the men in the house dance.



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