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Bishnoi gets Dhoni with a googly and Tewatia lone battle meets tame end

Rahul Tevatia tried everything literally in what looked like a losing streak from the start, as Rajasthan’s batting didn’t even take off. Their lowest score of the season was not particularly respectable, but Tewatia still managed to cope with half of the miserable 85 points that they pinned between the constant stream of wickets. There is chaos around him, which is reflected in his own exit and in what he activated before. The poorly positioned, untimely top edge attempting to strike was picked up fairly quickly and accurately by Shakib, even as Sakaria and Tevatiya flew into the doomed second run. DK quickly gained traction and a completely confusing season for Rajasthan, filled with interesting solo roles, culminated in the finale – the epitome of this year’s campaign. This time, they weren’t even close to winning, let alone losing in the end. The bottom edge in the 44th minute would have dragged the ball to his stumps, giving bowler Shivam Mavi his high point of the season.

Don’t pull fast

And this word is spreading in the world of fast bowling. For the second time in a row, Ruturaj Gaikwad fell on a bouncer, overcoming a blow from above. Last time it was Pacey Henrich Nortier, and this time left-handed doorman Arsdeep Singh threw him straight over Gaikwad, causing two errors. Firstly, an attempt to pull it out from the outside and drag it to the side, and secondly, while the bat’s face turns to the sky – very similar to Suresh Rainapulls. Of course, Gaikwad has done a great job with deliveries at chest level in the past, but in the last two games the ball has bounced higher and lost to untimely jerks. Even at the first stage, he was surprised by the bouncer Mohammad Shami; he tried to step down the path and Shami let it rip and the ball hit the gloves and flew out behind the stumps on the side of his feet. From the way he has played so far, one can assume that he will recover, but in the rest of the IPL the fast bowlers will fight for him at the very beginning.

Dhoni: Googly – I can’t drive

For a while it was a game of cat and mouse. Ravi Bishnoy, who specializes in Google searches, and MS Dhoni. Maybe he was a little wary that Dhoni was blaming him, or he wanted to push it away from him to cause a mistake, some of his early deliveries were far beyond and quite complete. And Dhoni coped with this task by cutting and blowing up the four. Every time the ball hit the tree stump, Dhoni showed respect. Not soon Bishnoy realized this and presented a wonderful Google, turning from the outside at a not too full length. Dhoni stretched on his front leg, and his bat lifter suggested he wanted to buckle it up, but that length and rolling made him change his mind. He chose an awkward shot, but the ball squeezed through the gap between the paddle and paddle to catch the stumps. Dhoni worked hard in the last game and was only fluent in the full supplies in this game. Whenever the ball was not on the allowable length, he looked for the ball.

One-handed king of air off-road vehicles

Perhaps no modern batsman has played as many one-handed punches as Duane Bravo. There was one in the final who was knocked out Mohammed Shami… It was a full throw, and Bravo cut it with one hand, the lower hand came off the handle to the edge of the cover. This is how he usually hits the ball lengthwise. He leaned forward to drive the car and, trying to lift it up and through additional cover, he walked alone with his upper arm. The Bravo air strike over additional cover is as beautiful a sight as we’ve seen in the last couple of decades. Rohit Sharma owns a raised direct hit for seamers, but Bravo sits on the throne of the king of beautiful SUVs.

Forehead Fury: Vintage Tommo, ‘Rajput’ Chauhan and Masterrr Gavaskar

K.L. Rahul just took off my helmet after trying to tighten the top hem and looked a little uncomfortable. Ambati Rayudu approached him and touched the bruise on his forehead, just in case Rahul did not know the place of pain. Everything was friendly there. Not that Jeff Thomson walked up to Chetan Chauhan and put a cross on his forehead on his helmet, telling him that nasty bouncers were coming. Chauhan laughed after he pulled away from the border (his laugh was a contextual joke for his laughing teammates on the balcony), but Tommo took it as an insult and warned him. Sunil Gavaskar told the story in these pages after Chauhan’s unfortunate passing. β€œTommo thought it was a mocking laugh and asked,β€œ What the hell is funny about this shot? “He walked over, marked with a cross on Chetan’s forehead, and said,” This is where I’m going to hit you. Let’s see if you can laugh after that. ” As Tommo continued to look fiercely and splatter words, Chetan told him, “I am a Rajput, you do what you have to, go to the bowl.”

β€œAnd I say to him in Marathi:β€œ Master, he does not know what Rajput means! Let go, don’t lose concentration. “

Flying Faf never fuss

Poor Sarfraz Khan. Now two ducks in a row. In the last game he had a beauty Yuzvendra Chahalthe gap in the leg was too big for a man known for his daring punches on and off the pitch. He jabbed at her and lost his stump, prompting passionate celebrations from his former IPL captain. Virat Koli… This time he fell on another lame jab. It was a tricky delivery from Shardul Thakur and Khan tried to move it from the stump to the side and the leading edge took it to the middle. There stood Faf du Plessis, who loves to fall when fishing, and he again descended to the ground behind this cart. He shyly stood up and pointed to something on the horizon, which may have caused him to lose sight of the ball. However, he has spoken in the past about how much he enjoys falling to the ground while catching from the air, as he feels it gives him better ball control. When Faf falls, he usually rises with the catch.



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