BSF jurisdiction row: Manish Tewari asks Punjab govt to move Supreme Court


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BSF Lawsuit: Manish Tewari Asks Punjab Government To Move Supreme Court

A day after the Punjab Assembly unanimously passed a resolution rejecting the Center’s notice of expanding BSF jurisdiction, Congressman Manish Tewari on Friday asked the state government to move the Supreme Court.

Responding to Akali Dal’s assertion that he supported the notice, the leader of Congress said: “I have always advised the Punjab government to file an initial Article 131 claim with the Supreme Court to have the order overturned.”

Tewari harassed his own government last week, saying, “For almost a month now, the central government has expanded BSF’s operational powers in Punjab to 50 kilometers through a notification. Why so far the notification has not been challenged by the Punjab government in India under Article 131 in the Supreme Court of India. Is the opposition to this just symbolism? “

Chief Minister Charanjit Channi on Thursday told the House of Representatives that it is “very unfortunate” that Shiromani Akali Dal “saw everything through a narrow lens of politics,” especially issues of paramount importance such as the transfer of more powers to states, the transfer from Chandigarh to Punjab, in addition to the resolution Sri Anandpura Sahiba.

“I have never asked them to strengthen the jurisdiction of the Black Sea Fleet in the state in which I am falsely accused. I am categorically against this step by the Indian government, ”he added.

Tewari previously said that “The offensive portion of Section 139 of the BSF Act or any recognized offense punishable under any other Central Act; .. “This allows the Indian government to institutionalize an alternative policing paradigm. Have there been consultations with the Punjab government? “

Section 139 of the Frontier Troops Act 1968 authorizes the Center from time to time to notify the area and scope of the Frontier Troops’ operational mandate.

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