Can Vishnu Prasad light up the track yet again?


After a stellar first-round performance last month, MSport’s Vishnu Prasad will be looking to maintain his good form in the second round of the 24th JK Tire FMSCI National Championship, which kicks off here Saturday at the Kari Motor Speedway.

The right balance

The 34-year-old from Chennai tops the Formula LGB4 Championship standings with 21 points. Vishnu loves to go from lights to flag, but a miss can get expensive. He knows this well and will look at the race with caution and aggression.

Bangalore’s Sohil Shah is just six points behind his teammate. He will tend to push the pedal hard from here. Amir Sayed from Kottayam (Ahura Racing), who distinguished himself in the beginner class last season, is starting to find his form.

Big boys

The big guys from Dark Don Racing like A. Sandeep Kumar and Ashwin Dutta (both Chennai) and TS Diljit (Trissur) are equally suited and capable of handling adversity.

Anish Damodar Shetty (Hubli) and Allwin Hawir (Trissur) also showed their power in the JK Tire Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup, which debuted in the first round.

After some good testing and heavy bike racing last month, the duo will be aiming for full throttle. And it will add excitement to the audience.

Ruhan sits beautifully

Ruhan Alwa from Bangalore became the best player in the JK Tire Novice Cup tournament. He showed signs of excellent class on both days of the opening and has a good chance of finishing at the top again.

There will be three JK Tire FLGB4 and JK Tire Novice Cup races each, and two JK Tire races will feature the RE Continental GT Cup over the weekend.


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