CBSE Class 12 term-1 board exams: Here’s how to attempt MCQ based question paper


A year and a half after online learning swept India, it is time for some more major changes in our schooling landscape. For the first time, CBSE conducts two exams during the academic year to provide a credible assessment in the event of an unpredictable resumption of the pandemic.

The MCQ Short Term Exam is another first ever exam. Many students preparing for competitive exams already know the pros and cons of MCQ. Although it offers the option to score 100 percent; it can be zero in case of an incorrect answer, since there is no chance of getting half the point, as was the case with subjective works. Consequently, it makes evaluating MCQ-based jobs, but at the same time challenging.

Clarity of concepts
The trick for an MCQ solution is to have a thorough understanding of the concepts. The student should understand that even the smallest concept can be turned into MCQ. When looking through prescribed books or reference books, the student should not leave anything unprepared. Robbery is not a response to effective MCQ attempts; until the essence of the concept is grasped, choosing the right option can be confusing.

Solve Sample Papers
Just like preparing for the entrance exams, students must solve sample assignments in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses. They should also practice marking their answers correctly by highlighting the correct answer on the OMR sheet. The OMR sheet has two important aspects: one is to mark the option and the other to write the correct option number in the prescribed column. The student must do both and ensure that there is no inconsistency in the written and marked version.

Choose your option carefully
Getting started with the answer, you need to remember that there will be four answers on the sheet. There will be only one correct answer, and there is a possibility that the student will get confused in the other three. In some cases, the difference between correct and incorrect answers will be negligible; at this point, clarity of the concept and the confidence that you have solved it correctly will be important. The best way is to remain calm while trying to respond to ensure accuracy.

Do not waste your time
Some questions will take longer or questions that may be difficult for students to answer; the best way is to leave them and move on to other questions. Students must keep unresolved questions for the last few minutes of the exam. Ask simple questions first, then difficult ones; we would advise students to divide the questions into difficult, easy and uncertain categories.

To divide the questionnaire into three parts, the student must have excellent reading comprehension to help answer questions quickly before solving them. Another way is to keep asking questions and leave difficult and uncertain answers for later. The best part is that there are no negative marks here, so students shouldn’t leave questions unmarked. Who knows that simple guesses can give you the right answer!

The opportunity should be used as preparation for various competitive exams; In the past, exam preparation and competitive exams were two polarities. The whiteboard presentation will now give the student an idea of ​​his / her preparation for other exams. The current format will help build confidence for some and expose the need for further hard work for others. It will test for clarity of concept, time management and confidence.

(Author – Director, DPS Indirapuram)


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