CISF to streamline airport security checks for differently abled


The Central Industrial Safety Force (CISF) said it would make it easier for people with disabilities to make airport security checks easier, officials said Thursday after speaking with activists to understand the challenges they face.

Senior officers conducted a workshop with airport security officials and NGO members to educate airport staff on the need to assist people with disabilities during check-in and security checks. They invited 10 representatives of leading NGOs and discussed with them the problems faced by people with disabilities, especially during the searches, officials said.

The meeting was chaired by General Director (CISF) M. Ganapati. In fact, more than 64 airport security chiefs and hundreds of activists took part in it.

“We want to standardize the process when working with people with disabilities at all airports that are protected by the CISF. We spoke with NGO members to discuss the challenges they face and how we can help at airports. We are currently following the guidelines set by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), ”said Dr. Anil Pandey, Deputy Inspector General, CISF.

The current regulations were established after the 2016 Daallo Airlines bombing in Somalia. A wheelchair-bound man was allegedly carrying a bomb that exploded 20 minutes after take-off.

“All the rules have been set with wheelchairs, prostheses and other equipment in mind so that no one can evade security checks. We explained the rules to NGO members and took into account their feedback. We want to make travel to the airport hassle-free for everyone, ”said Pandey.

Last year, CISF launched an initiative at Hyderabad Airport to provide assistance to pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities at the airport.


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