Congress warns Amarinder Singh’s wife, seeks explanation for her ‘anti-party’ activities


Image source: PTI

Congresswoman Preneith Kaur


  • Harish Choudhary, in charge of the Punjab Kong, wrote a letter to MP Prehit Kaur.
  • The party claims to have received reports of its “anti-party” activities.
  • Messages began to come in after Amarinder Singh stepped down as CM of Punjab, the party said.

On Wednesday, Punjaban President Harish Choudhary wrote to Party MP and former Punjab leader Amarinder Singh Prehnith Kaur, asking him to explain her “anti-party” activities. The party gave Kaur 7 days to explain.

“In recent days, we have received reports from Congress officials, MLAs, Patiala leaders and the media about your anti-party activities,” the letter said.

Congress also warned Kaur about disciplinary action. “Convincingly explain your position on this issue within 7 days, otherwise the party will be forced to take the necessary disciplinary measures,” the letters say.

Congress said these “reports” have been coming in since Amarinder Singh stepped down as CM and formed his own party.

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