Cong’s Mahila wing President caught spitting on cops during protest against Rahul’s questioning | Watch


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Congress leader spits at police during protests against interrogation of Rahul Gandhi in the emergency room | Watch

Rahul Gandhi ED interrogation: Congress wing president Netta D’Souza was caught on camera spitting at security officials on Tuesday as the party continued to protest the Enforcement Administration (ED) for questioning former Congress President Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald case.

D’Souza with other Congress leaders, workers and supporters protested in Delhi as the police tried to maintain law and order.

In a short clip, the leader of the Congress is seen spitting at security personnel from a bus as the Congress employees were detained by the Delhi Police.

Reacting to D’Sourza’s move, BJP spokesman Shehzad Ponnawalla said, “Shameful and disgusting. After beating cops in Assam by holding them by the collar in Hyderabad, now Congress President Mahila Netta Dsouza is spitting at cops and female security officers just because Rahul is being interrogated by the ED for corruption. Will Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul affect her?”

Congressional Workers Detained for Section 144 Violation

Delhi police on Tuesday detained 197 Congressional party workers, including 18 MPs, for allegedly violating a ban on gathering people during a march against Rahul Gandhi’s challenge by the Enforcement Department (ED), officials said.

According to them, the program was to be held against the Agnipat scheme and party leader Rahul Gandhi’s speech to the ED. The permit for the dharna was granted on the condition that only 1,000 party workers were allowed to enter the protest site, police said.

“When the Congress workers were being detained, one of the protesters, Netta D’Souza, President of the All India Mahila Congress, obstructed and attacked and spit on police officers on duty, who are being prosecuted under the relevant sections of the law against her,” Huda said.

(According to PTI)

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