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Crisis in Karnataka BJP: Two ministers eyeing minister-in-charge post of Bengaluru Urban

Image source: ANI

Karnataka crisis BJP as two ministers oversee the post of minister in charge of Bangalore Urban

Several months after the departure of B.S. As Chief Minister of Karnataka, Yediurappa, two ministers claim the title of Chief Minister of Bangalore City, deepening the crisis in the BJP in Karnataka, even as Chief Minister Basawaraj Bommai debates who to choose. … Senior Minister V. Somanna hit R. Ashok and nominated him for an important post in the capital of the state of Karnataka.

V. Somanna, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, on Saturday, in an interview with reporters, mentioned his superiority over Minister of Revenue R. Ashoka.

“Ashoka was just an MLA when I was a minister. I don’t know why his father named him Ashoka. He behaves like Samrat Ashoka. He needs to know that I am older than him and I have been in politics for the last 40 years, “Somanna said.

In response to Somanna’s statement, Ashoka said, “I have not requested any district responsible position. The powers of the Chief Minister are to appoint a responsible minister. I am committed to the decision of the Chief Minister. “

The feud between the two ministers is leading to the creation of two different camps within the party, a problem that has reportedly been resolved for some time in Karnataka. However, most state leaders supported Somanna, not Ashoka, for the post.

“Most of the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party want Wee Somanna to be made responsible for running the city of Bangalore instead of Ashoka. But for now, it is clear that both ministers are creating two teams to take responsibility for Bangalore, ”he said. This was reported by government sources.

(With ANI inputs)

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