Demand for action against Kangana over her ‘bheek’ remarks intensifies; complaint filed, effigies burnt



Kangana Ranaut

A firestorm that Kangana Ranaut kicked her by commenting that the independence of India, won in 1947, was strengthened on Friday, when the leaders of the BJP and other parties demanded action against the actor, even when a complaint was filed against her, and some people took to the streets to burn her effigies. There were also demands for the return of the Padma Shri given to her.

Ranaut, who often makes headlines for her belligerent statements on political or other issues, started a scandal on Thursday, claiming that India achieved “true freedom” in 2014 when a government led by Narendra Modi came to power, and described the situation in the country. 1947 independence as bhik or charity.

The actor made a scandalous statement just a day after the Padma Shri award. In Jodhpur, the Mahila Congress filed a police complaint against Ranaut. Jodhpur Congressional Committee President Mahila Manisha Panwar said in her complaint that Ranaut insulted the freedom fighters and the people of the country with her statement that falls under the “category of incitement.”

The police said the complaint had been referred for review. Delhi BJP leader Praveen Shankar Kapoor was among those who criticized the actor, saying that Ranaut’s remarks were “an insult to the self-sacrifice of freedom fighters.”

“As the son of a freedom fighter and coming from a family of freedom fighters, I find Kangana Ranaut’s remark that India’s freedom was alms (bhikh) as the greatest abuse of freedom and an insult to the sacrifice made by the freedom fighters. I wish that India’s judicial system takes into account, “Kapoor said in his Hindi tweet on Thursday.

However, he told PTI on Friday that he tweeted about the matter in his personal capacity. Maharashtra BJP chief Chandrakant Patil said the actor’s negative comments about India’s struggle for independence are wrong.

“Kangana Ranaut’s comment about the country’s struggle for independence is completely wrong. No one has the right to express negative opinions about the freedom movement, “Patil told reporters, but added that he was not aware of the” emotions “that caused the actor to say such words. statement.

“After Narendra Modi became prime minister in 2014, the common man has experienced true freedom. Now there is no one left in the country who could not eat twice a day. The government of the Union distributes 35 kg of grain to the poor at 105 rupees, “he said.

Ranaut can appreciate Modi’s work without criticizing the freedom struggle, Patil said.

Maharashtra State Minister Nawab Malik said Kangana had insulted the freedom fighters and the Center should take her Padma Shri and arrest her.

“It looks like Kangana Ranaut took a large dose of Malana Cream (a type of hashish grown in Himachal Pradesh) before making this announcement,” Malik said.

In Indore, a group of freedom fighters set fire to a stuffed actor.

The protest was held here on MG Road, and one of the participants, Asha Govind Hadiwala, said that Ranaut should apologize to the nation for damaging the valor and sacrifice of the freedom fighters.

Protesters later submitted a memorandum to the Indore County Commissioner’s office.

NSUI workers in Mumbai also held a protest in front of the actor’s residence over her scandalous statement.

On Thursday, Aam Aadmi’s party filed a complaint with Mumbai police demanding prosecution for “seditious and inflammatory” comments, while politicians across the spectrum, including BJP MP Varun Gandhi, were among many social media users and others. who reacted indignantly to Ranaut’s comments.

Ranaut made a lot of headlines for her scandalous statements and scandalous statements – whether it was her long-standing quarrel with the director. Karan Johar about nepotism, locking the horns with Diljit Dosanjh As for the farmers’ protest, her Twitter comments criticize Shiv Sen’s ruling government or compare Mumbai to Pakistani-occupied Kashmir.

She was rated Y-plus by the central government after she stated that she did not feel safe in Mumbai following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, and also spoke about drug use in one of the sectors of the film industry.

The actor’s Twitter account was permanently banned as the company said it was done “for repeated violations of Twitter rules.” The move comes following Ranaut’s scathing comments about the post-vote violence in West Bengal. Now she posts her videos and posts on Instagram.


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