Dengue situation in Delhi worsened this year compared to 2020, says health expert



Delhi dinvolve the situation worsened this year compared to 2020: health expert.

On Tuesday, a senior consultant to the department of medicine at Sri Ganga Ram Hospital said the dengue situation in Delhi had worsened this year from the previous year.

Speaking to ANI News Agency, Puja Khosla, Senior Consultant in the Medicine Department of Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, said, “The dengue situation has worsened this year compared to the previous year.”

“Last year, people were careful because there were COVID-19 restrictions. This year the situation has worsened over the past four to five weeks. There are over 1,500 cases of dengue in Delhi. “

“There is a type of ‘complicated dengue fever’ in which patients have fever, bleeding, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. They are taken directly to the intensive care unit because they need blood and oxygen support,” she added.

Khosla said some people also contract dengue without symptoms and their immunoglobulin G (IgG) tests show they have been infected with dengue in the past.

“Some patients who get sick do not even know they have been infected with dengue in the past, because people with mild dengue have no symptoms. Their IgG tests show they were infected earlier, ”he said.

On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court sent a notice to the Delhi government and the North Delhi Municipal Corporation regarding a plan of action to combat the dengue outbreak in Delhi.

The central government has assisted nine states and union territories with higher incidences of dengue, including Delhi, and dispatched high-level teams to support them in public health monitoring and management.

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