Devendra Fadnavis dares MVA govt to ban Raza Academy in Maharashtra


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Devendra Fadnavis dares MVA to ban Raza Academy in Maharashtra

Bharatiya party leader Janata Devendra Fadnavis dared the ruling government of Maha Vikas Agadi (MVA) state to ban the Raza Academy in Maharashtra.

“Why does the Raza Academy only attack the police under the congressional government? Prior to this, riots in Mumbai and attacks on police were organized by this organization. Everyone knows who is behind the Raza Academy, ”he said.

“I demand that the Raza Academy be banned. Will Congress do it? ” he asked flatly a few days after violence erupted in the Amravati area of ​​Maharashtra state.

BJP MLA Nitesh Rane argued that Raza Academy was behind the violence in various parts of the state.

On November 12, the Raza Academy and several other Muslim organizations in Amravati presented a memorandum to a district collector against the Tripura violence last month, police said.

The BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and other right-wing organizations called for a bandha in Amravati on November 13 and gathered at the Rajkamal chowk for a protest at 12 noon. Later, mobs raged in nearby areas such as Itwara Bazaar and Namun District, throwing stones at shops and destroying property.

The police then resorted to reloading and firing tear gas to disperse the protesters. The police later imposed section 144 in the city for the next four days.

Speaking to reporters, Raine said, “On November 12, the Raza Academy organized a march against the violence in Tripura. I have brochures that they have distributed. I call on the Raza Academy to show evidence that the Hindus burned the Masjid in Tripura. The burning of the Masjid by the Hindus was fake news. “

“The BJP OND asserted that” the Academy is a terrorist organization, and the founders of this organization remain in Afghanistan and adhere to the ideology of the Taliban. ” They are not involved in social work and have opposed the cancellation of Triple Talaq. ”

Raine said, “The state government must arrest all senior leaders of the Raza Academy. If any violence happens to the Hindus, we will not tolerate, and if the situation gets out of control. “

When Nawab Malik was accused of having ties to the Raza Academy, BJP leader Ashish Shelar said: “It’s true. But what is the connection between the riots in Maharashtra and photography from 2016-17? What does this photo of mine have to do with Raza? Academy? The meeting did not take place at the Raza Academy office. Do not try to hide the failure of the Maharashtra government of Vikas Agadi in the riots by showing old photographs. If you are not going to show your face when you have to show us so many photos with Raza Academy, then you will not have a place to show your face. Maharashtra Vikas Agadi and NCP must end photography policy. “

Meanwhile, police have arrested BJP leader and former Maharashtra State Minister Dr. Anil Bonde, Amravati Mayor Chetan Gawande, BJP Amravati Rural President Nivedita Chaudhary and Amravati Municipal Corporation leader from Tushar Bharatiya House.

Stoning incidents from Nanded, Malegaon and Amaravati were reported on Friday amid protests against the violence that took place in Panisagar in Tripura on 27 October.

The sit-down demonstration was organized by the Raza Academy in Nanded. Some young people walked in the direction of mixed residential areas, the police stopped them, after which they pelted them with stones. The police used force to disperse them. This happened in three or four points of the city. “said Pramod Kumar Chewale, superintendent of the Nanded District Police.

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