Diabetes management: Nutritionist busts five common myths


Diabetes, According to the World Health Organization, chronic metabolic disorders, characterized by high blood sugar levels, affect about 422 million people worldwide. However, despite the fact that diabetes is a common disease today, various myths are still associated with it.

From eating certain foods to avoiding many others, people often mishandle illness due to lack of awareness. So here’s a nutritionist Lovnit Batra debunking some common myths.

Diabetes is so common, but there are still many misconceptions about its causes, treatments, and how living with diabetes affects your daily routine. Destroy myths and you are on your way to better treatment of the disease, ”she said.

Myth 1: diabetics cannot eat carbohydrates.

Fact: Carbohydrates are not your enemy. Is not carburetor by itself, but the type of carbohydrates, the amount of carbohydrates consumed and the time that is important to consider for people with diabetes

Myth 2: Diabetes can have as much “fat” as they want

Fact: Having type 2 diabetes and eating a lot of foods high in saturated fat can raise unhealthy cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Myth 3: the safer choice is artificial sweetener

Fact: Artificial sweeteners can worsen insulin resistance. The fact that a product is labeled “sugar free” doesn’t make it any better. It may still contain a lot of simple carbohydrates, fat, or calories. Choose real food over chemicals.

Myth 4: if you are on medication, you can eat sweets.

Fact: Taking diabetes medicines are not a ticket to sweets. “Taking medication as prescribed, along with a nutritious diet, is important in treating diabetes and other complications,” said Batra.

Myth 5: diabetes is a lifelong struggle that cannot be stopped.

Fact: “Diabetes can be reversed with the right interventions,” Batra said.

“Don’t fall for diabetes myths! Talk to your dietitian or doctor if you have any concerns about the risk of diabetes, ”she said.

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