Diljith and Tijil share the honours


TS Diljit of Thrissur and Tijil Rao of Bangalore (both Dark Don Racing) each won the Formula LGB4 in Round 2 of the 24th JK Tire FMSCI National Championship at Kari Motor Speedway on Sunday.

In the starting race, Diljit (Trissur) was in the lead, followed by championship leader Vishnu Prasad (MSport) from Chennai. Three other drivers of the Dark Don – Tijil, Sandeep Kumar and Arya Singh – breathed into Vishnu’s neck. The pressure began to take its toll on Vishnu, who tried his best to defend his position, thereby persecuting the leader.

Diljit sighed and finished at the top, while Vishnu escaped halfway. Teejil and Sandeep (Chennai) returned home, finishing second and third, respectively.

Tihil, Sandeep and Ashwin Dutta also contributed to the Dark Don taking the top three places in that order in Race Two.

Ruhan Alva of MSport from Bangalore made it doubly enjoyable by winning both races in the JK Tire Novice Cup with relative ease. If he’s been able to consistently find a winning chord, it’s because of the way he adjusts and thinks in the car.

Guwahati’s Jaden R. Pariat (MSport) struggled to end Ruhan’s winning streak, but had to rest, settling for second place in both races.

Results (preliminary): Formula LGB4: Race 2: 1.T.S. Diljit (Dark Don Racing) 23: 10.852; 2. Tihil Rao (Dark Don) 23: 18.310; 3.A. Sandeep Kumar (Dark Don) 23: 18.521. Race 3: 1. Tijil Rao 21: 34.441; 2. Sandeep Kumar 21: 36.264; 3. Ashvin Datta (Dark Don) 21: 36.264.

JK Tire Rookie Cup: Race 2: 1. Ruhan Alva (MSport) 13: 22.885; 2. Jaden R. Pariat (MSport) 13: 23.794; 3. Joel Joseph (DTS Racing) 13:42.994. Race 3: 1. Ruhan Alva 21: 08.051; 2. Jaden Pariat 21: 12.389; 3. Gaurav Kochar (Momentum Motorsports) 21: 12.949.

JK Tire presents the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup: Race 2: 1. Anfal Akdhar (Thrissur) 5: 53.042; 3. Allwyn Xavier (Thrissur) 5: 53.387; 3. Raj Kumar (Coimbatore) 5: 55.744


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