Divyanka Tripathi is working ‘it out by working out’


Divyanka Tripati has the perfect Friday motivation for us. When nothing works, everything can be solved with the help of a simple mantra, followed by Divyanka – “practicing”. The fitness actor continues to share snippets of his fitness diaries on his Instagram profile, each of which manages to inspire us to work out in the gym.

On Friday, Divyanka shared a fresh dose of fitness motivation for her family on Instagram in the form of a short video compiling her morning fitness routine. In the video, Divyanka fogged up in the gym. According to Divyanka, in case something goes wrong or something pulls you down, a decision is a decision. “Everything can drag you down, but … solve it by exercising,” wrote Divyanka

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On video Divyanka you can see how actively he walks on a bike on simulators. Divyanka, dressed in a gray T-shirt and black sweatpants, is immersed in her fitness routine. Take a look at her fitness video here:


Divyanka’s Instagram profile is replete with videos in which she sweats in the gym. Each of the videos explores the dedication and attention that the actor gives to his fitness activities. A few days ago, Divyanka shared a video about herself, where you can see how she trains in the stream of animals, stretching the muscles of her arms and legs. “Not perfect, but not so imperfect either. I’m just learning new things and improving every day, ”the actor wrote. Take a look at her fitness here: +

Coming back to Divyanka’s cycling regimen – the fitness regimen she performs in the video has many health benefits. Regular cycling increases cardiovascular performance, muscle strength, and body flexibility. It also helps to improve joint mobility, posture and coordination. Regular cycling also helps to reduce body fat and stress levels.

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