DU admissions 2021: Special drive cut-off list to release today


Admission to DU 2021: V Delhi University (DU) will publish a special list for undergraduate admissions today. Acceptance for preferential shutdown will begin on November 14 and end on November 15.

During the special trip, traffic is prohibited. Candidates eligible to compete in any of the previous five reductions (including the special cutoff) will not be eligible to compete in the special race.

“Applicants who were unable to seek admission or canceled admission to any of the university colleges during any of the previous cutoffs for any reason prior to the fifth cutoff (including special cutoffs) and therefore were not Admitted but met any of the prior restrictions and / or terminations of the special trip should be considered for admission as part of the special trip, subject to availability of seats in the specified category, ”the university said in a notice.

In the event that the number of applicants applying for a specific program in a college exceeds the number of available places, the colleges will compile a list of merit according to the best of four / three required for the respective course. The college approves the candidacy only on the basis of merit and availability. A list of approved candidates will be uploaded to the respective college’s website.


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