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DU colleges see students’ increased inclination towards Philosophy (Hons) course

There has been an increased interest in undergraduate (Hons) philosophy at the University of Delhi colleges this year, with nearly half of the colleges offering this course seeing places in the no-reservation category on the very first list filling up, which has not happened in previous years.

College principals and faculty associate the course’s rise in popularity with lower thresholds, increased interest in the subject due to the uncertainty following the Covid pandemic, and that the course is a cornerstone for the development of other areas such as UPSC. and the law.

Of the 15 colleges offering this course, seven have completed their spot for the unreserved category in the very first list. These include not only well-known colleges such as Miranda House, which also filled Kashmiri migrant spots, ST and OBC categories, Hindu College, Lady Shri Ram, but even off-campus colleges such as Lakshmibai College and Shyama Prasad Mukherji College.

Dr. Bijailakshmi Nanda, Director of Miranda House, said: “Courses such as Political Science (Hons) fill up quite quickly at high percentages. The Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) is an option for those students who have slightly lower grades, in the 95-98 percent range, and who can go to a good college. The topic is also gaining momentum, and you can choose it, despite the fact that you have not studied it before. “

The college has fixed the 97.50% threshold on the first list and has now closed admission to the course. Dr. Balaganapati Deverakonda, professor in the Department of Philosophy, said they have been working to popularize the course for the past four to five years, and during the pandemic, many colleges have organized events to celebrate the importance of philosophy.

“Not only yoga and meditation, we are working to popularize other concepts. I think these efforts have paid off. In fact, some colleges reported that they filled 90 percent of the very first list, ”he said.

Dr. Vijay Kumar, assistant professor at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, said they filled almost 60 percent of the places on the course and there is a chance that they will be completely filled in the second list. The college has already closed admissions for the non-reserve category on the first list.

“During the pandemic, people developed an interest in whether the pandemic was natural or man-made, and they also developed a philosophical orientation due to the uncertainty created by the situation. Philosophy is a subject that is growing in popularity. There is a lot of talk about value education and career prospects are increasing. “

“First, you can prepare for UPSC, which is a good subject. In the UPSC interview, the questions are aimed at testing the intelligence of students, and logical thinking comes in handy here. In higher education, you can get into the ranks of teachers, and even research organizations are looking for people with good philosophical training and doctoral degrees, ”he said.

He added that this is a new trend: some private hospitals have begun hiring philosophy consultants to advise patients and their families. Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf, director of Indraprastha Women’s College, said the slightly lower thresholds could be driving the course’s popularity upward.

The college has filled its seats in the no-reservation categories for the course. Its cut-off was 93 percent, while other popular courses such as Bachelor of Politics (Hons) and Bachelor of Economics (Hons) accounted for 97.5 percent and 98 percent, respectively.

“Students began to understand that this is a basic course that helps them in all disciplines, for example, in law, which is closely related to philosophy. This is a very, very positive moment (increased interest in the subject), ”she added.

The course is still open at Gyal Singh College, Gargi College, Hansraj College, Janki Devi Memorial College, Mata Sundri College, Ramanujan College, and Zakir Hussein College on the second graduation list. Among them, Hansraj and Gargi colleges have a 96.75% and 96% limit for the course, Kamala Nehru, Gyal Singh and Zakir Hussein colleges have a 93% limit for the course. Ramanujan College set minimum scores at 92% and Janki Devi Memorial College at 90%. Mata Sundry College has the lowest threshold at 83 percent.



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