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DU junks allegations of favouritism towards state boards in admission process

The University of Delhi on Thursday dismissed accusations of favoritism against state boards of directors and said it supports “equality with all worthy candidates coming not only from Indian states but also from overseas.”

Amid allegations that state council students with excellent grades go to prominent colleges and are in high demand, registrar Vikas Gupta said the university provides equal opportunity.

<< As a central university, the University of Delhi values ​​the academic achievement of all candidates equally and uniformly, regardless of their staff and school boards.

“Equal opportunity has also been supported this year by accepting merit-only applications,” he said in a statement.

He dismissed reports of favoritism.

“The University of Delhi strongly denies and condemns the fake news that spreads about the preference of candidates from multiple councils. As a prestigious Central University with a long heritage of quality teaching and research, candidates across the country are eager to study in our colleges / departments / centers. Our main responsibility is to support fairness and equality for all worthy candidates who come not only from Indian states but also from abroad, ”Gupta said.

According to the data provided by the registrar, 60,904 candidates from the first cut-off list applied to various colleges.

Of these, 46,054 were from the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) and the rest were from all other councils across the country.

By the end of Thursday, 31,172 candidates from CBSE, 2,365 from the Kerala Higher Secondary Education Council, 1,540 from the Haryana School Board, 1,429 from the India Graduate Certificate Exam Board and 1,301 from the Rajasthan Secondary Education Council in addition to another state. according to him, the boards of directors have successfully secured their admission.

On Wednesday, Professor Rakesh Kumar Pandey, a university lecturer and member of the National Democratic Pedagogical Front on RSS, announced a conspiracy behind the admission of large numbers of Kerala Council students to university colleges, and even used the term “Stamps of Jihad”.

His comments met with criticism from other faculty members and students.

RSS affiliate Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad also staged a protest Wednesday against “overstated” state council ratings and demanded that the university normalize the process.

Meanwhile, ABVP staged a sit-in from 5:00 pm to 12:00 pm Thursday at the University of Delhi Convention Center against “discriminatory attitudes towards the admission process that began on October 4th.”

On October 1, the university issued the first restriction, which saw an irregular surge compared to previous years, and this surge was discriminatory for students living in remote rural areas, as their resources and opportunities are less compared to living students. in nearby cities, the student organization said in a statement.

“Because of such a high threshold, only a few overestimated students of state councils can enter the most prestigious university in the country, which is completely wrong,” the statement said.

Delhi ABVP Secretary of State and National Media Director Siddhart Yadav said they are urging the university to come up with some means to ensure that students have an equal opportunity, as those with 99 percent are also not eligible for high-profile colleges.

“But the University of Delhi has not made any changes and is playing with the future of the students. The admission process should take place after all state councils have normalized their grades so that they are on par with all other students, ”he added.



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