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DU refutes allegations of favouring students from few boards

Refuting the claims of some school advice about favoritism towards students, Delhi University (DU) an official statement was released on Thursday.

“As a central university, the university values ​​the academic achievement of all candidates equally and uniformly, regardless of their state or school board. Equal Opportunity was also supported this year with merit-only applications. The University of Delhi strongly denies and condemns the falsity of the news spread about the preferences of candidates from several councils, ”the official statement said.

The first round of merit-based undergraduate admissions is nearing completion. In the first cut-off list, 60,904 candidates applied to various colleges. Of these, 46,054 were from the board of CBSE, and the rest were from all other councils across the country.

By the end of October 7, 2021, a total of 31,172 candidates from the CBSE Council, 2365 from the Kerala Council of Higher Secondary Education, 1540 from the Haryana School Board, 1429 candidates from the India School Certification Board and 1301 people. from the Rajasthan Secondary Education Council in addition to other state councils have successfully secured their reception.

The official statement added that due to a long heritage of quality teaching and research, candidates across the country are keen to study at our colleges / faculties / centers.

“Our main responsibility is to maintain fairness and equality for all worthy candidates who come not only from Indian states, but also from abroad,” it says.



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