EXCLUSIVE: Afsana Khan on her exit from Bigg Boss 15; “Hearing my fiance Saajz’s voice, I just melted and came out of the house” : Bollywood News – Bollywood Hungama


Afsana Khan was kicked out of the Bigg Boss 15 group last week. The actress had to get out of the house due to a fight with the contestant Shamita Shetty. During the fight, the singer went berserk and even held a knife to herself with the intention of harming herself. Bigg Boss immediately called her to the confession room and asked her to leave the show. However, she refused to leave the house and demanded that she leave only if Bigg Boss evicted Shamita Shetty and Rajiv Adatia.

Leaving the house, Afsana spoke to Bollywood Hungama about her eviction. Leaving the show, the singer said, “I was shown that people don’t like me. I was completely right, but they only showed my negative sides. They did not show the part where I was tortured. I felt left out and I was silent for almost 2-3 days. I felt good seeing the amount of love and support the audience gave me. I don’t feel like I came after being pushed by someone, instead I insulted them. I do not regret leaving the house. I have said this many times in all my interviews. “

She also said that she finally convinced her to leave the house after she got stuck in the eviction of Rajiv and Shamita. She confessed: “While I was in the confessional, I was stuck in the fact that I would only get out if I took Shamita and Rajiv with me. good communication. They immediately put me in touch with my fiancé Says through a phone call, and when I heard his voice, I just melted. He explained to me to go out and forgive everyone, and that this is just a game. “

She later also spoke about Donal Bishte, who mentioned that he is the best friend with his post-Bigg Boss. She said, “Donal and I had a lot of fun. I used to just jokingly tease her and we loved that part. While Donal was in the house, everyone ignored and ignored, which I didn’t like. So in the end we became very good friends. We had an intimate bond, like sisters. After that we became good friends. She took care of me and even fed me food with her hands and we shared the bed. She could understand what I went through. Karan and Umar are even very good friends. “

Finally, she talked about her equation with Shamita Shetty. Commenting on it, she said, “Shamita was very arrogant. We had a temporary friendship. Whenever we shared a good relationship, it was only because of my efforts. I even gave her my favorite earrings and I also gave her a butterfly pin. So it was really bad for her to be in pain when I put so much effort on her. I told her that I didn’t come here to win a show and play a game. I’m just here to enjoy and that’s what I want. “

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