EXCLUSIVE: “If I and Ieshaan would have planned it, we would have planned a better love story,” Miesha Iyer after getting evicted from Bigg Boss 15 : Bollywood News – Bollywood Hungama


Misha Iyer, who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 15’s home, has an exclusive chat with Bollywood Hungama. In the chat, she talked about her eviction, her relationship with Yeshaan, and the backlash she faced. During the show, Misha Iyer was in the news due to her relationship with fellow member Yeshaan Segal. Their chemistry was much talked about both among neighbors and among the public.

When Misha was asked if she believed that her eviction was fair, she replied: “No, I don’t think so. In the past year, I have improved my game significantly. Finally, I was in the game. bad I got evicted when I finally started playing this game. Maybe I got evicted because I was nominated along with other strong people. “

We also asked her who would go instead of her in the event of a nomination. to which she replies: “Either someone really strong would have left. And if everyone were nominated, Afsana would have a very high chance of leaving if she was nominated.

Talking about her relationship with Yeshan Segal and how she is facing backlash. Misha said: “I am a woman of that time, and I would like to go forward and do whatever I want and whatever I think is right. I do not shy away from expressing my feelings. If I have strong feelings for someone, I would be very frank about this issue, because this is how I and I live my life for myself. Honestly, if I didn’t admit my feelings or hide them, it would be fake. Also, the connection I had with Yeshaan was a super-instant. It was just very powerful and instantaneous, which is undeniable for both of us. But if it happened gradually, it would look very planned and fake. Even we keep looking at each other and asking each other. another, how it all happened in just a week. I do not regret anything. If you love someone, do it openly, otherwise – no. “

To what many call her a fake couple and allegedly has a planned relationship for the show. Misha commented: “Yes, I’m sure people had the idea that they planned it. But, if we had planned it, we would have planned it better. planned the best love story. We would give and show people a gradual perspective on our relationship. But this could not have been planned, as it was at that moment. This was not planned as we knew it over and over again we were repeatedly called for it. People from the outside and from the inside kept telling us things, but we never backed down because we were so passionate about each other. “

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