EXCLUSIVE | Mobile towers equipped with high-end technology to block signals installed in Tihar Jail


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The Supreme Court said on Wednesday that Tiharskaya prison, which has turned into a den of criminals and murders, is “a deplorable state of affairs.”

Tihar prison is undergoing several major changes in the light of several reported incidents that have led the authorities to install mobile towers throughout the prison. Whether it was Sukesh Chandrasekhar who extorted Rs200 crore from prison by spoofing, or the Chandra brothers also volunteered in Tihar prison, indiscipline was common.

The biggest reason for all this was access to mobile phones in the prison. A mobile phone from Tihara was misused.

There are three large mobile towers in Tiharskaya prison, not for signaling, but for silencers.

These are not ordinary jammers, but they are equipped with high technology. While conventional jammers restrict telephone signals to a limited area, these three towers will block any mobile service throughout the Tihara prison.

For example, if somehow a large prisoner or terrorist asks for a mobile phone in Tihara by any means, these three large towers will block the device’s signal. These towers will take 15 to 20 days to launch.

Recently, with the help of mobile phones, inmates earned crores of rupees from bribes in the prison premises. The installation was carried out with the permission of the Delhi government and the Tihara administration. Thus, the sale of mobile phones on the street will be prohibited.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court said Wednesday that Tiharskaya prison, which has turned into a den of criminals, is “deplorable” with killings, and the Interior Ministry has been instructed to take immediate steps to reform prisons and improve governance.

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