Expert nutrition tips for children


Today’s children have access to all kinds of packaged and processed foods, which can make them prone to various lifestyle disorders such as obesity. Instead of turning to packaged foods like instant noodles and cold drinks, it’s important to include healthy and nutritious snacks and nutrition, experts say.

In a post on Instagram nutritionist Nidhi S. explained how many children tend to eat processed foods between meals, which makes them constantly hungry.

“Do your kids always ask for food? In the old days, we were taught not to say “no” to children if they ask for food. However, this is not the case now. With 14.4 million obese children, India ranks second in the world. The main reason for this is processed food which we feed our children every time they ask for food between meals,” she says.

She listed some of the problems.

* Are cookies considered a must for kids?
* Do kids have easy access to processed juices and cold drinks at home?
* And if you do not give children chocolates, ice cream, you can be branded as cruel parents.

So what should be done?

* School-age children (6-12 years old) need to eat 4-5 times a day (including snacks). We need to plan healthy and nutritious meals so they can get all the nutrients they need to growth.

According to Nidhi, here are some tips to keep in mind

Cultivate discipline for proper eating

Encourage your child to eat healthy, sit down with him and help him finish the meal. Most children avoid finishing their meal and feel hungry after 30 minutes. unhealthy snacks. A break of 1.5-2 hours after eating is required. Snacks right after food may reduce their appetite for the next meal. They will snack throughout the day, leading to weight gain and hindering nutrient absorption.

Do not keep cookies, chips and sodas at home.

If your children have easy access to them, they may not want to end the meal by saying they are full and asking for a snack later. Because most of you have limited time, you end up giving it to them.

Provide proper protein foods and vegetables

Add plenty of legumes, paneer, tofu, and vegetables to your meals. Keep a good variety. This is the key.

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