F1 bans bodyguards from the grid after Brundle incident


A Formula 1 source confirmed that bodyguards are no longer allowed due to space constraints and COVID-19 restrictions.

Formula 1 has banned celebrities from bringing bodyguards to the grid following an incident with commentator and former racer Martin Brandl last month. US Grand Prix Austin

The 62-year-old Briton, former teammate of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, took a pre-competition walk on the grid for Sky television in Austin when he tried to catch the floor with rapper Megan T Stallion.

Walking over to the microphone to see if she had any rap for F1, and hearing that she “doesn’t rap today,” Brandl asked her who she supported. The bodyguard then told him that he couldn’t do it.

“I can do it because I did it,” replied Brandl, who has interviewed Hollywood celebrities and great athletes over the years, much to the delight of many on social media.

A source in Formula 1 confirmed that Reuters that bodyguards will no longer be admitted due to limited space and COVID-19 restrictions, but celebrities will not be required to give interviews.

Brandl told his viewers on November 7 that new rules had been introduced and referred to the “Brandl clause.”

On November 9, he took to Twitter for further clarification.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t care who visits the Formula 1 grid, the more, the more fun. Talk to me, ignore me, push, wave, hug, call me names, whatever makes you happy, ”he said.

“All I ask is to plunge into the atmosphere, to enjoy this privilege. I have not asked for any changes to the network protocol. ”


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