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Farmer ‘dies by suicide’ in Nagpur district after rain damage to soyabean crop

A 28-year-old farmer from Mandwa village in Umred Tahsil, Nagpur district, reportedly committed suicide on Thursday after losing his entire soybean crop after a heavy rain last month.

This was reported by Police Inspector Yashwant Solsse from Paoni Police Station. Indian express“Yogesh Chavan, 28, committed suicide by hanging himself on his farm. His older brother, Rajesh, told us that Yogesh was discouraged by the loss of his entire soybean crop after a heavy rain. Rajesh said they have a bank loan for about 7 lakhs. “

Saulse added: “It is a fact that his soybean crop has been significantly damaged, but we have not yet verified the loan requirement of Rs 7,000.”

According to Sols, “Yogesh was in Pune last year for coaching as he planned to attend the Maharashtra Public Service Commission exam. But he returned to his village because classes were closed due to the Covid pandemic. The two brothers share about 12 acres of land. Yogesh thought about farming until the pandemic improved, but heavy rain in September severely damaged the soybean crop. This obviously caused suffering for Yogesh, forcing him to take an extreme step. “

Heavy rain in September, especially in the second half of the month, left Vidarbhi farmers tall and dry, damaging the soybean crop that was in the harvest phase. The damage was particularly severe in Buldan, Yawatmale, Washima and parts of the Akola area in the Amravati area. According to the division commissar Amravati Piyush Singh, the division’s crop losses reached 35-40 percent.

The Amravati division grows soybeans on 14 lakh hectares, followed by cotton on 10 lakh hectares. Thus, soybeans are the main crop in the Amravati division.

In the Nagpur region, rice is the main crop, followed by cotton and soybeans. “This time the division has more than 2.5 hectares of soybeans. The Nagpur region covers about 19,000 hectares, Wardha 1.25 lakh and Chandrapur 50 lakh hectares. The crop was severely damaged in the tahsils of Umred, Kathol and Narhed in the Nagpur region. In these places, the damage is more than 75 percent in terms of yield. Some districts of Wardha also suffered heavy losses for soybeans, ”said Ravindra Bhosle, Nagpur Joint Director of Agriculture.



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