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Former India players, coach hail swing queen Meghna Singh

It is always difficult for the tester to deal with a blow, especially with those who deviate from the stump. Young Indian bowler Meghna Singh has a good outsidewinger, whom she enjoys bowling in a disadvantaged environment.

Singh’s two wickets in a pink ball stand-alone test against Australia last week did not surprise coach and mentor Lakshyaraj Tyaga, who has been courting her since 2016 in Bijnor in western Uttar Pradesh.

“I was surprised (when I first saw) Megna’s manner of grabbing a red cherry. Although her early deliveries to the nets at the stadium. Jawaharlal Nehru was unsuccessful with a stunning turn, she soon hit the mark. On the first day of training, the batsmen had difficulty playing the ball, ”Tyagi said.

“She (Meghna) is a natural talent and a great prospect for India. The way she played test bowling in Australia with Puja Vastrakar and Julan Goswami was great. I’m sure Meghna learned a lot from Julan, ”said Tyagi, who has raised many of India’s young stars and Ranji Trophy.

“She (Meghna) needs more control and this will come with experience. She must avoid hitting the ball from the short side as well as to the leg. She also needs to learn about the weakness of the batter. Speed ​​doesn’t really matter as long as the bowler swing controls the line and length of the serve. “

What works in Singh’s favor is that she has always studied well. “Sometimes she becomes almost unplayable, especially when she passes the ball with her middle foot to a point of good length. This is the best package in her arsenal.

Unusually for a rookie, 27-year-old Singh hit the mark on the test, quickly grabbing the wickets of Annabelle Sutherland (3) and Sophie Molyneux (2). Molyneux was unable to determine the length of the delivery and was trapped in front of the wicket after Sutherland sent goalkeeper Tania Bhatia’s usual catch for long distance delivery.

Singh was well supported by young pacers Vastrakar (3/49) and Goswami (2/33) before Australia announced its first innings at 241/9 in response to India’s 377/8 first score in a rain-interrupted test that ended. draw.

After the match in Carrara, Australia, captain Mitali Raj said: “Julan has always been our best bowler over the years and we have to understand why she was the best. She shared her experience and the young cutters Puja Vastrakar and Meghna Singh had the opportunity with Julan to learn a lot. “

Former Indian pacer Hemlata Kala agreed with Tyagi that Singh would do well in India. “I’ve been watching her since she was 19 and I’m convinced of her natural talent for swing bowling,” said Cala, who took five wickets in seven tests. She has her own style and needs to create her own image, ”she said.

Kala, the former selection committee chairman, also praised India’s decision to field three pacers. “This shows that the attack of bowling at an Indian pace is growing rapidly. The real test for them will be next year’s FIFA World Cup in New Zealand, where athletes will really be able to test their skills. “

Former India captain and cricket analyst Anjum Chopra also welcomed Singh. “She made the ball swing, and in one day it matched the line and the length. She also played a good role in the test match and it was nice to see how she used her capabilities on the big stage, ”said Chopra, now commenting on the IPL in the UAE.

Speaking separately, all three said that there is no Indian bowler hat that can be compared to the Goswamis. Tyagi spoke on their behalf when he said, “Not only Megna, but others in the Indian team will need a lot of hard work to replace Julan. But she has the ability to become a bowler like Julan. “

To this Chopra added: “Meghna does not need to become Julan. She should just focus on her strengths and try to stay consistent. Her fitness and temperament will be tested as she will play more in different conditions and against different opponents. “

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