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G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit: ‘If India progresses, the world succeeds’, says Om Birla


G20 Parliamentary Speakers Summit: “If India progresses, the world will succeed,” says Om Birla.

Lok Sabha spokesman Om Birla said on Friday that he highlighted India’s central role in world affairs and said that “if India progresses, the world will succeed.”

Addressing delegates during the second working session of the G20 Summit of Speakers of Parliaments (P20) in Rome, the minister said that India’s development policy attaches equal importance to the economy and the environment, and noted that sustainable development is the foundation of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

He said that tales of energy security, climate protection and development can go hand in hand. The topic of the meeting was “Restarting Economic Growth from the Perspective of Social and Environmental Sustainability”. The speaker said India is working with a broader global vision to build a world order based on energy justice, climate justice and economic justice.

India’s goal, he said, is to act as a bridge between the global south and the global north to develop a comprehensive global policy of action that will form the foundation of a future world. Noting that climate change has a negative impact on the entire world, he said that the world community needs to quickly take concrete collective action to combat global warming. The speaker said that the Indian Parliament has held extensive discussions on this important issue, and after these discussions, the country has adopted many legislation related to the protection and preservation of the environment.

He mentioned that India had long before achieved the goal of reducing its emissions intensity in GDP by 24 percent from 2005 levels. In addition, the country is on track to reduce this intensity by 35 percent well ahead of schedule, that is, until 2030. Speaker Lok Sabha said India is firmly committed to climate justice and has a multifaceted role to play in helping the world meet the challenge. changing of the climate.

On the environmental issues, he said, India cooperates with the global north, on the one hand, and on the other, acts as the “protector” of the global south. Noting that there is a reliable mechanism for constructive discussion and dialogue between the Indian parliament and the government, Birla referred to legislation providing social security, income security, job security and health protection that benefited the disadvantaged and weaker segments of society.

“Talking about energy security, climate protection and development can go hand in hand as India’s development policy is based on giving equal weight to the economy and the environment,” he said.

Referring to India’s achievements in environmental protection, Birla noted that India is reducing CO2, CFCs and HFCs in line with its international commitments through schemes such as the Ujawala Scheme and the Smart City Mission. Birla said India is actively working on climate change.

He illustrated India’s leading role in the International Solar Alliance of 98 countries and the CDRI (Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure) from 25 countries. He also said that the use of solar panels to meet the country’s energy needs has increased in recent years, which proves that economic growth can go hand in hand with environmental sustainability.

On the sidelines of the summit, Speaker Lok Sabha met with Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, President of the Italian Senate; Poin Maharani, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, and Nosivive Nolutando Mapisa-Nkakula, Speaker of the South African National Assembly, discussed a range of bilateral interests, including energy, education, culture, skills development, infrastructure, food processing and parliamentary cooperation.

(With ANI inputs)

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