Gabriella Demetriades’ video of ‘Pilates at home’ is all the weekend fitness inspo we need


Gabriella Demetriades started his weekend with a dose of fitness. On Saturday, Gabriella shared an Instagram video of her doing multiple workouts with her fitness trainer Talia walking her through the process.

Gabriella decided to serve up a fresh dose of fitness motivation to her Instagram fans with a 26-minute Instagram video showing her performing several Pilates positions, as well as talking about how they are performed. This is Gabriella’s version of doing Pilates at home, and we’re thrilled to be running to the gym this weekend.

On video Gabriella can be seen being led by Pilates expert Thalia, who also does the same exercises as agreed in the video compilation. Gabriella and Thalia started the day by standing up and reaching from waist to bottom, then bent over to stretch their body into a plank position and held it for a while. You can then see them create a pyramid with their bodies and return to the board position again.

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In the last part of the video Gabriella and the waist can be seen in the same plank posture and performing a variation of the mountaineering exercise where one knee approaches the chest and then extends back and up. Gabriella can be seen in a black tracksuit doing the exercises flawlessly. “Pilates at home,” Gabriella wrote. Watch the video here:


Pilates performed by Gabriella and Thalia in the video brings many health benefits. They help in increasing the core strength of the body as several positions focus on the core muscles. It also helps to relieve back pain and thus improve body posture. Pilates, when incorporated into a daily fitness program, can help increase body awareness and energy levels.

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