Gehlot calls on Sonia to discuss cabinet reshuffle in Rajasthan; Pilot hopes ‘changes will happen soon’


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Gelot urges Sonya to discuss cabinet reshuffle in Rajasthan; The pilot hopes there will be changes soon

Sources said major reshuffles are envisioned in Rajasthan over the next few days, and various ways of adopting the one-man-one-post formula are being worked out when considering cabinet appointments.

As a result, Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gelot met Thursday with Congress President Sonia Gandhi, and the two leaders reportedly discussed the political situation, as well as the upcoming reshuffle in the state’s cabinet.

Gelot met with Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, along with AICC Secretary General in charge of Rajasthan Ajay Maken, and AICC Secretary General KC Venugopal at the residence of former party leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday evening and held lengthy discussions on the state cabinet reshuffle. Later, Gelot told reporters that the decision on the reshuffle would be taken by the high command of the Congress, and Maken has all the information about it. He said the party wants the state to continue to be well governed.

According to sources, Priyanka allegedly encouraged Gelot to accommodate the rival Pilot’s supporters in her ministry, despite their long-standing feud.

Meanwhile, Sachin Pilot, who expects some positive changes in the cabinet reshuffle, said: “I spoke with Venugopal yesterday. I hope that changes will take place soon. “

Gelot said the Center should further cut excise taxes on gasoline and diesel, and states will follow suit by cutting VAT.

Rajasthan is not one of the states that cut VAT on gasoline and diesel after the Center cut the excise tax by Rs 10 per liter on gasoline and Rs 5 per liter on diesel.

Pointing to the rise in fuel prices, Gehlot called on the Center to support the states by lowering taxes on it.

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