Gujarat to resume offline classes for 1-5 from today


Nearly two years later, Gujarat is poised to resume autonomous classes for elementary school starting Monday. “Schools for grades 1 through 5 will resume adherence to existing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and a decision will soon be made to reopen pre-school classes and Anganwadi centers,” Gujarat Education Minister Jitu Wagani said on Surat Sunday.

“Looking at the reduction in the number coronavirus infections in the state, the government has decided to resume classes 1-5 in schools from November 22, ”Wagani said.

The reopening of elementary school also coincides with the reopening of schools and colleges in the state on Monday following Diwali’s three-week vacation. Schools will also begin their second semester on Monday.

“Everyone expected these classes to resume soon. I get calls from parents and even children to resume classes since the sixth grade was opened, ”added Vagani. When asked about the delay in reopening elementary school, he said: “The Covid situation is under close scrutiny. Now that the state has achieved good vaccination coverage and cases are under control after Diwali, it is time to reopen schools for grades 1-5, ”he said.

The Department of Education will directly oversee the opening. “Education will be resumed with observance of all precautions, taking into account the age of the children. Attendance will not be compulsory and only children with parental consent will be admitted to school. All elementary schools in the state will have to strictly adhere to prescribed SOPs, and public school principals and private school administrators will have to take special measures to sanitize, ”the minister added.

“Looking at the controlled COVID-19 In cases, the SOP will be revised in two to three weeks, and if necessary, some relaxation will be made, ”Vagani said. Indian express

Shortly after the announcement, Education Minister Vinod Rao held a videoconference with all district primary education officers, district education officers and administrative officials on Sunday to implement the decision and comply with the SOP.

The government’s decision to reopen autonomous classes in the elementary section came amid growing demand from private school associations as well as parents following the opening of other classes. “We have repeatedly asked the state government to reopen all classrooms,” said Bharat Gajipara, president of the Gujarat Self-Funding School Management Federation.

Manan Choxy, president of the Association for the Promotion of Outstanding Schools, supported a similar demand. “More than 75 percent of parents in our schools have agreed to send their charges to schools. This is a short notice, but given the past 20 months, this 20 hour window is acceptable, ”Choxy said.

Earlier this month, the state government formed an 11-member committee to review the need to reopen grades 1 through 5 and how to close the learning gap for young children due to the closure of full-time or offline education in primary schools. primary sections.

“The committee made recommendations not on when to reopen junior primary schools, but on learning losses among children. For example, children were transferred from 1st to 2nd grade without the required level of education, and many of them did not study in preschool classes. The state government has decided that this review will be an ongoing process, ”Wagani said.

The state government had to make the final decision on when to resume these classes after consultation with the health department. However, due to the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases reported after the Diwali holiday season, rumors have circulated about the reopening of autonomous classes for the lower primary grades.

Due to the pandemic, the state government ordered all schools to close on March 16, 2020, even before the nationwide lockdown. Since then, schools have followed the online education system.

Meanwhile, the Gujarat government reopened schools for grades 6-8 (upper primary) for a month on February 18, before being closed again on March 18 due to a second wave. After remaining closed for nearly six months, autonomous classes for the section resumed on September 2, and for grades 9-12 began on September 26.


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