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HC asks CBI to be specific in its probe in Dhanbad judge death case

The Jharkhand High Court said Friday that the investigation report submitted by the CBI was vague and unclear and ordered the investigative agency to flesh out its investigation. Dhanbad judges the death case.

The panel of judges of Chief Justice Ravi Ranjan and Judge Gautam Kumar Choudhary, who was sworn in during the day, said the CBI’s special investigation team should be more accurate in presenting the details of the investigation.

The court hearings were conducted in physical mode.

CBI’s lawyer told the court that the investigation had revealed new facts in the case.

The two arrested defendants admitted their relationship with several individuals under the CBI scanner. However, according to the lawyer, it is too early to reveal the names and additional evidence is expected.

The re-hearing of the case will take place on October 21.

Last month, the CBI doubled the award to 10 lakhs for “important information” in connection with the death of a judge.

The 49-year-old district judge was allegedly hit by a heavy auto-rickshaw after she turned towards him as he jogged down a wide road near Randhir Verma Chowk in Dhanbad on July 28 morning. Avtomiliksha fled the scene immediately after the incident.

Meanwhile, the state government has told the court that it will complete all scheduled meetings at the State Forensic Laboratory within six months.

During this time, the necessary funds will be released to complete the appointments, according to a government spokesman.

The court set a three-month deadline for the completion of all pending appointments and vacancies in the laboratory and warned that strict orders would be passed if the government did not comply. deadline.



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