How much does the government really care about fixing the migrant crisis?


The deaths of at least 27 people trying to cross the Channel to seek refuge in the United Kingdom have dramatically reduced the loss of life associated with the lack of safe routes for those seeking a better life here in the UK, as the political cost of the ongoing migrant crisis continues to unnerve Conservative deputies.

The passage of people across the English Channel to British shores was a political issue for the government even before the Brexit vote – David Lidington, who was European minister throughout the life of David Cameron’s government, believes the migrant crisis is one of the reasons. Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. But this way of getting out accelerated and exacerbated the problem.

The big lie about “ending free movement” is that the British government could have closed its open doors to residents of the European Economic Area, but kept them open with the aim of sending refugees and migrants elsewhere in Europe to settle. On top of that, poor relations between the UK and France (an important partner of the United Kingdom in boat crossings) are also increasing and increasing the number of people who will eventually try to enter the UK via an unreliable and dangerous channel. transitions.

Political implications are the main reason why Priti Patel’s position among Conservative MPs is currently at a low level. Her department’s perceived inability to solve the problem – and with this alleged setback – the resurgence of contender parties on the right wing of the Conservatives – made MPs nervous, and MPs who in the old days viewed Patel as solving the party’s growing crime problem. specific.

But in fact, the only leverage you can use at the Home Office to tackle this problem is to increase the number of safe routes to the United Kingdom. Everything else is ultimately a matter for the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister: does the British government want to make its diplomatic disputes with France a priority over the Northern Ireland protocol and Aukus, have a big gaping gap where he should have a European dimension to his vision of “Global Britain” – or is he more concerned with resolving this crisis?


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