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How to build your own setup for smartphone filmmaking under Rs 10,000

If you want to create a fully mobile filmmaking rig using your smartphone, you will need a lot of equipment. If you have a smartphone with good video recording capabilities, such as an iPhone or a high-quality Samsung device or even Oneplusthen investing in equipment is a great step to take to the next stage of your journey.

One of the main benefits of using a smartphone for filming is the freedom it offers. We’ve compiled a list of the most important equipment you might need to take the first step towards creating your own smartphone video rig.

NoteA: We’ve covered the essentials, and our list doesn’t include the most expensive options.


The gimbal is one of the most important pieces of equipment you may need if you want great stabilization in your high-motion shots. 3-axis gimbals are the best choice as these devices control the tilt, pan, and rotation of the camera. While tilt controls the up and down movement of the smartphone, panning controls side-to-side movement, and rotation controls forward and backward movement.

The Moza Mini S is currently on sale on Amazon for Rs 4,899 (Image Source: Varun Krishan).

The gimbal can stabilize your footage while recording all such movements, making your footage stable and cinematic.

Smartphone gimbals now have a host of features including joystick with controls, time-lapse and hyper-slow motion, subject tracking, and various other features. If you have a smartphone with a good camera, a smartphone gimbal can help you improve the quality.

The Moza Mini S and DJI Osmo 3 are two great options for you to consider. Both of them are three-axis gimbals, include all the basic functions and are equipped with a joystick.

The Moza Mini S is currently priced at Rs 4,899 on Amazon. The DJI Osmo 3 is a bit more expensive and is priced at Rs 7,699 on Amazon.

Tripods are essential when shooting still images. The Digitek DTR 260 GT Gorilla Tripod is a great option you may want to consider (Image Source: Product Image)


You will need a tripod to shoot still images. They can be used to perfectly set up a scene and to create time-lapse shots. Tripods will prevent shake or movement that can affect your footage, unlike when holding your phone in your hand.

There are many smartphone tripods that you can choose from on online shopping platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart… If we had to pick one, then the Digitek DTR 260 GT Gorilla tripod is a great option and is currently priced at Rs 299 on Amazon.


There are 2 types of microphones that are widely used for audio recording using smartphones; Lavalier microphones and Shotgun microphones.

Lavalier microphones, also known as lavalier microphones, are portable, compact wired microphones that are widely used in film production and broadcasting. Lav microphones are ideal for recording dialogue as they are discreet and easy to use.

Shotgun microphones are more directional than a typical cardioid microphone. They deflect unwanted sounds coming into the microphone from the side and capture clear sound from the source depending on where the microphone is pointed. Shotgun microphones are used to capture sound from a distance.

The Boya BYM1 usually costs around Rs 800 and is one of the best microphones that users can buy for under Rs 1,000. The omnidirectional microphone offers excellent audio recording capabilities and comes with a 20ft cable that is great for capturing audio while capturing video without having to stand too close to the camera. The microphone can be connected to a smartphone via a 3.5mm jack.

The Boya BYM1 usually costs around Rs 800 and is one of the best lavalier microphones users can buy for under Rs 1,000 (Image Source: Varun Krishan)

Rode Buttonholes are another great option if your budget is higher. The Lavalier quality microphone is specially designed for high quality sound recording on smartphones. This is an omnidirectional microphone. The microphone can be purchased on Amazon for Rs 5,999.

If your smartphone doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack, as is the case with most modern high-end devices, you might consider purchasing adapters to make these microphones work with your existing device.

The lights

Artificial lighting is essential for excellent quality shooting in uneven lighting conditions. While you can get spotlights for as little as Rs 500 through e-commerce sites, you will need a whole set of equipment to disperse them.

To start your cinematic journey, you can start with a ring light, which has a built-in mechanism to soften the light evenly and is a great option if your subject is in front of a light source.

    smartphone video shooting, How to shoot mobile video, Best stabilizers, best microphones, smartphone video equipment, DJI Osmo, Rode microphone, Moza Mini S, ring lights, best tripods Digitek DRL 12C and DRL 12 are decent ring light options you may want to consider (Image Source: Amazon)

The Digitek DRL 12C and DRL 12 are decent ring light options you may want to consider. The flashlights are currently on sale on Amazon for Rs 1,299 and Rs 699 respectively. Ring light works best when the subject is directly in front of it for best results. Users can also adjust the color temperature of the light based on their mood. The luminaires also have a built-in stand.

While ring lights can be used for a good effect when shooting indoors, shooting outdoors at night when the light is low will cost you a lot to install high-budget lighting equipment, so keep that in mind.



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