IIT-Delhi students raise concerns about non-uniformity in hybrid mode of exams


Some students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi argued that the administration’s decision to conduct examinations in a hybrid mode does not create a level playing field.

However, officials at the institute have denied the accusation, saying the exam will be the same whether students come from home or from campus, and there is no room for bias.

Students who have returned to campus must report to their departments and show up for their exams in the classroom, students said, while those who have not yet returned have the option to take online exams, creating “unevenness.”

“Not everyone took part in the program, which means that there are a significant number of people who will still take exams without leaving their homes. We cannot have this for the same reason that we do not have 50 students who study JEE at home, and the rest are called to examination centers. In addition, the exam environment is important, and this discrepancy in itself creates an unfair unevenness, ”reads an online petition filed by IIT students with more than 650 signatures.

“We received notice of offline big companies in a very short time, by the time most people had either booked their tickets home or booked their tickets. We do not understand why the institute did not plan this earlier, and why and why it is fair to ask students who drop out of school to immediately book expensive tickets to travel from all over India and back on board when they really need to prepare for exams. This, especially when people who were not on board are not expected to do the same, ”he added.

Shantanu Roy, Dean of Academic Sciences, said: “There is no room for any prejudice here. As long as the students are on campus, I see no problems with reporting in the classroom and appearing on exams. The exam for them is the same, that it is unfair to appear in class. “


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