IIT Roorkee completes 175 years of existence


On its 175th day of founding, the institute launched two major projects – the 1.3 Petaflops supercomputer facility as part of the national supercomputer mission and the SCADA-based Smart Energy Management system, which will create an integrated monitoring and control analytics center for various systems, from energy assets to transportation. , water and waste.

The institute has also launched a research capacity building initiative, interacting with higher education institutions (HEIs) around IIT Roorkee and inviting children from schools to visit IIT Roorkee to improve the exchange of knowledge and experiences with fascinating facts, a culture of exploration, how the future can be, and what all career options they can explore.

“IIT Roorkee has not only been a pioneer in research and innovation, but has also fostered the relationship between academia and industry for the benefit of society and the nation. In the most recent NIRF IIT rankings, Roorkee has improved his overall ranking from ninth position to seventh position. In the architecture category this year, IIT Roorkee took first place in the country, ”said the trade union minister of education. Dharmendra Pradhan

Ajit K. Chaturvedi, Director of IIT Roorkee, called on all universities located in Uttarakhand and institutes within a 200 km radius of Roorkee, located in the neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, to join forces to create and share knowledge for research and development activities (R&D).

“These sessions will foster the skills of creative thinking, innovation and exploratory thinking in students and teachers. It is also expected to help these HEIs get more NRF funding, ”he said.

The Institute launched an initiative for day tours for nearby school students at IIT Roorkee and the launch of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) Biodiversity Report.

Formerly known as Roorkee College, the institute was founded in 1847 AD as the first college of engineering in the British Empire. In November 1949, from a former college, it was transformed into the First Engineering University of Independent India.

On September 21, 2001, the university was declared an institution of national importance, bypassing a bill in parliament, changing its status from Roorkee University to Roorkee Indian Institute of Technology.


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