In mortuary freezer for 7 hours, ‘dead’ man returns to life in UP’s Moradabad


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‘Dead Man’ Found Alive After 7 PM In Morgue Freezer At UP’s Moradabad


  • 40-year-old man, held in the freezer of the morgue for almost 7 hours, was found alive
  • Almost 7 hours later, the man’s daughter-in-law noticed that he was showing signs of movement.
  • One of those “rarest of rare cases … I can’t call it negligence”: the chief sanitary doctor.

In a bizarre incident, a 40-year-old man held out in a morgue freezer for nearly seven hours before being dragged out alive.

Electrician Srikesh Kumar was reportedly hit by a racing motorcycle and was taken to a local hospital on Thursday evening. Doctors pronounced him dead.

The next day, the hospital staff put the body in the freezer.

Nearly seven hours later, when a panchnama, or a document signed by family members after identifying the body and agreeing to an autopsy, was about to be filed by the police, Kumar’s daughter-in-law Madhu Bala noticed that he was showing signs of movement.

In the video that went viral, Bala can be heard saying, “He’s not dead at all. How did it come about? Look, he wants to say something, he is breathing. “

The Chief Medical Superintendent of Moradabad, Dr. Shiv Singh, said: “The ambulance officer examined the patient at 3 am and he had no heartbeat. He examined this man several times. After that, he was pronounced dead, but in the morning the police team and his family found him alive. An investigation was ordered. Now our priority is to save his life. “

Singh said it was one of those “very rare cases … We cannot call it negligence.” Kumar is now undergoing treatment at the Meerut Medical Center, where his condition has improved.

According to his daughter-in-law, “he has not yet regained consciousness.”

“We will file a complaint against the doctors for negligence as they nearly killed Srikesh by placing him in the freezer,” she added.

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