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Indian, Chinese patrols face-off in Tawang ahead of Corps Commander talks

Ahead of the next round of corps commander-level talks between India and China, to be held in eastern Ladakh, there has been a small skirmish between Indian and Chinese forces in the eastern sector of the India-China border. Sources said patrol groups from both countries met face to face in Arunachal Pradesh, leading to some scuffle before they parted ways.

The incident took place last week near the Yangtze in the Tawang sector. Defense sources said the Chinese came with a “significant” force and met face to face with an Indian patrol unit. However, one of the officials said that, as is the case in such cases, there were shocks between the troops, but they were taken under the control of local commanders.

The sources said that “both sides conduct patrols within their line of sight” and “whenever patrols from both sides physically meet, the situation is regulated in accordance with established protocols and mechanisms agreed by both sides.” The source also said that “a physical confrontation can last for several hours before disconnecting by mutual understanding.”

Officials said that since the border between India and China “is not officially demarcated and therefore there is a difference in perception Actual control line between countries “, peace and tranquility” in these areas with different views were made possible by the observance of existing agreements and protocols between the two countries. “

Officials said there was “no damage” to Indian defense and infrastructure.

In addition, the official said that “it’s common for patrols to meet where there are different opinions” about the LAC. Such areas are patrolled by both sides, but “in this case, the patrols met.”

Government officials underestimated the incident and said that the Tawang sector was susceptible to such incidents, but this time such a clash between the two sides took place after a long time. A similar incident happened in 2016.

However, the incident occurred on the eve of the 13th round of negotiations at the level of the corps commander to discuss a solution to the 17-month standoff in eastern Ladakh. The talks will take place in the coming days, officials said.

After the last round of negotiations on July 31, both sides withdrew from the area of ​​Gogra post, patrol point 17A. Breakthrough in negotiations after both sides withdrew their troops and tanks from the north and south coasts Pangong Tso in February.

A small number of Chinese troops are still stationed on the Indian side of the LAC at PP15 in Hot Springs. In addition, Chinese troops are blocking Indian soldiers’ access to PP10, PP11, PP11A, PP12 and PP13 in the Depsang Plains, near the strategically important Indian base Dault Beg Oldie near the Karakorum Pass in the north. Some “so-called civilians” from China have also pitched tents on the Indian side of LAC in the Demchok area.

The Tawang incident came almost a month after about 100 Chinese troops crossed the LAC in the Barahoti sector in Uttarakhand in the last week of August. The Barahoti sector has also witnessed minor violations in the past on several occasions, and both countries perceive LAC differently here.



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