Instagram launches new campaigns to help young people be safe online


Instagram announced new campaigns to disseminate information about security features and “legal rights and remedies” available on the platform. These campaigns will also feature a wide variety of contributors who will appear in multilingual content to help young people across the country.

“We wanted to draw the attention of local people to how our community can feel safe on the Internet. Through Safe Stree and My Kanoon, respectively, we do this by raising awareness of our safety features and educating young people about the rights and protections available to them under the law. ”- Madhu Shirohi, Program Manager. and advocacy, Facebook – said India.

Safe Stree Campaign

In partnership with Yuvaa, a platform for understanding women’s rights and laws, Instagram launched the Safe Stree campaign to challenge gender stereotypes and create a safer, more welcoming online space for women. The campaign will last a month and will consist of two parts.

The social media platform will first launch a six-part author training program on how to create more inclusive spaces on the Internet. He will then upload a series of content on Reels highlighting the safety features available to women on Instagram.

A total of 30 videos will be published in this series by various groups of six creators, including Amrita Suressh, Purnima Ravi, Antara Naina Roy Majumder, Tanya Appachu, Maitrayani Mahanta and Samruddhi Patil in their native languages. This will be streamed through the Instagram accounts of the respective creators.

Campaign “My Eve”

In partnership with Nyayaa and We The Young, Instagram will also run the My Kanoon campaign to “make the laws easier and more clear to young people.” This will help users offer Instagram safety controls and help their guardians take informed legal action and interact with justice systems.

The campaign will run for about three months and will feature over 50 short and long stories from young content creators on topics ranging from online violence, bullying and harassment, sexual abuse of children and children in conflict with the law. …


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