International Yoga Day 2022: Can CBD enhance your Yoga experience? Here’s what experts say


International Yoga Day – 2022: One of the latest yoga trends that is gaining popularity in many parts of the world is CBD (cannabidiol) yoga. From enhancing the yoga experience to relieving body pain, stress and anxiety, experts say CBD based products can also help those with chronic pain and mobility problems. It is also said to relax the mind, which helps you get more out of the ancient practice. (Also read: International Day of Yoga Special: The goal of yoga is to completely rebuild our lives, says Himalayan Siddha Akshar.)

“In addition to the fact that both yoga and cannabis wellness are rooted in Indian culture and heritage, there is one more thing in common: they can both play an important role in establishing a strong mind-body connection. The very purpose In my opinion, the practice of yoga should promote awareness, strength and harmony of our mind and body. In addition, these days, the consumption of CBD or medical marijuana along with regular yoga practice can play an important role in complementing each other and blazing the path. for the holistic well-being of people and helping people lead better, healthier and stronger lives,” says yoga expert Vinod Sharma.

Richa Jaggi, co-founder of Awshad, a cannabis wellness startup, says yoga is primarily therapeutic for the body and promotes mind-body connection, while CBD has proven clinical/medical value and interacts seamlessly with the body’s endocannabinoid system and neurotransmitters.

“CBD and yoga go great together and can complement each other to enhance the experience for anyone. CBD-based wellness products act as a mental relaxation, pain reliever, and holistic healing agent, thus laying a solid foundation for providing both mental and physical well-being for people,” Jaggi says.

How CBD makes yoga easier for people with chronic pain

Richa Jaggi says that CBD and yoga can complement each other very well when it comes to well-being.

“While yoga is undeniably a great practice in the long term, it may not be a ‘suitable for everyone’ and ‘immediate’ solution to the wellness needs of many. For example, among people with chronic pain and mobility problems, daily and proper yoga can become very difficult and it can take them a long time to reap the benefits and benefits of yoga. CBD can be of great help to such people to actually overcome their pain and physical problems. to empower them, keep doing yoga regularly,” Jaggi says.

Benefits of CBD for Overall Well-Being

– CBD interacts with certain receptors in our body to help improve the quality of sleep and help people cope with insomnia.

– CBD also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn help people improve gut health, immunity, and manage pain.

– CBD has strong anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. And by making CBD a part of your daily routine for a longer duration, you will notice an overall sense of well-being, a calmer and more relaxed mind.

How to use CBD oil during yoga

Jaggi says there is no single correct answer to how best to use CBD oil along with yoga as it varies from person to person. However, she says it’s highly recommended to take a few drops of CBD oil before stepping on the yoga mat, as it will definitely help you get into the right mindset to practice and meditate. She adds that consuming CBD oil after a daily yoga practice can help treat sore muscles and reduce inflammation.

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