Is this really the best the Tories can do for by-election candidates?


At the time of this writing, there are only six days left until the latest installment in this popular “Today could mean the end for” series. Boris Johnson. There will be a by-election on Thursday 23 June in both Wakefield, which the Tories won against Labor for the first time in almost nine decades in 2019, and Tiverton and Honiton, the part of south Devon that the Tories have held almost forever.

The poll suggests that the Tories could well lose to both Labor and the Liberal Democrats, respectively. This means that we may – just may – get a day where we can watch the simultaneous destruction of the red and blue walls live on BBC One. At least Joshua pointedly looking at the pipe.

After reading this, Helen Herford, Conservative candidate at Tiverton, twice refused to say whether she thought Boris Johnson was credible, I almost felt sorry for her: I mean, what was she supposed to say? However, the rest of the interview rather cleared me of any unwarranted sympathy. Why isn’t she aiming for victory in a seat where the last guy, pornography lover on the green bench, Neil Parish, had a majority of 24,000 votes, Guardian asked? Due to the “persistent repetition of the media a party “Even though a line has been drawn in the sand… people are not allowed to move further away from it,” Herford said. In other words, not because the public is justifiably outraged by the behavior of this government, but because the horrendous sleazy journalists won’t stop nasty to the prime minister. Who may or may not be trustworthy. However, despite exemplary use of the passive voice, Herford clearly deserves to lose.

However, this is nothing compared to the mess that Nadeem Ahmed, the Conservative candidate in Wakefield, created for himself. His by-election will only take place because the previous MP, Imran Ahmad Khan, was convicted of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy. Having received a metaphorical rope from Daily Telegraph, who conducted a video interview with him, Nadeem Ahmed opined that “we still trust general practitioners” even though Harold Shipman killed 250 people. Has there ever been a stronger argument in favor of a political party than “hardly any of us have ever been convicted of child sexual abuse”?

(Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that he also described the convict as a “bad apple”, falling victim to a common misuse of the phrase, and thus inadvertently suggesting that Khan ruined the entire barrel. But under the circumstances, that seems like a minor issue)

There are all sorts of good reasons not to vote Conservative right now, even if you’re the type of person who is generally inclined to vote. cost of living crisis. No revitalizing mission other than protecting the Prime Minister, who seems unable to understand that other people really exist. The growing inability of ministers to hide the fact that they think the electorate is stupid.

But besides all this, it must be big – these the people they consider fit to rule us? If that’s the best they can do—both for the Conservative Party and for the country—the sooner those trumpets blow, the better.

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